What Does it Take to Smash Your Goals on 12WBT?

Reviewed by: Erica Grandjean, APD, BNutr&Diet

What does it take to smash those goals on 12WBT? Sometimes, it’s the quirky little tricks that really help – such as swapping chocolate with tea, or keeping your goals in a jar.

We asked our awesome November Round Transformers for their quirky tricks that helped them though.


I brush my teeth pretty much straight after dinner. No sneaky snacks later. I brush my teeth and that’s my body’s cue to know that eating time has finished. I brush my teeth before I go to some parties so that when I get there I’m not tempted to snack on party food.


One word: streamlining. I worked hard at making things seamless and easier and more time-efficient. I know what I’m like when something is too hard – I get sick of putting the effort in.

I made sure I was having leftovers for lunch so I didn’t have to make the next day’s lunch on top of was making dinner. Or, if I didn’t feel like exercising, I would change the workout to a dance workout because in my mind that doesn’t look like a workout. I made it easy for myself so I wouldn’t have excuses!


My worst habit was eating bad food after dinner. Once the kids are in bed and it’s relax time – that’s usually when the ice cream and chocolate breaks out.

I am now eating an orange instead. I make a little ritual out of peeling the orange and then removing the pith completely from each piece before eating them. The longer it takes to eat the orange the less hungry I feel afterwards.


I make the shopping list and only go down those aisles when I am shopping. So much easier. Also if I go out I have a sparkling water with ice and lemon and it just as nice as a wine. I find a few friends not on 12WBT follow me!


I hang my meal plan on my fridge and cross off each meal as I have it. I also surround the meal plan with inspirational memes – on more than one occasion “You are going to want to give up – don’t” has saved me from mindlessly snacking on something from the fridge!

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