5 Ways To Up Your Fitness Game On The Cheap

How to up your fitness game on the cheap?

First things first, fitness does NOT need to be expensive. There’s often a big misconception that getting fit and losing weight requires investment and a lot of extra cash. WRONG. Upping the ante on your exercise routine (with no gym membership required!) can be super cost-efficient if you know the right bang-for-your-buck products to spend on.

So here’s the lowdown on the cost-effective ways to up your fitness game:

A set of dumbbells (aka hand weights)

Lifting heavy things (aka weights training) is the most effective and efficient way to see changes in your body and improve your overall strength. So kitting yourself out with a small selection of dumbbells will ensure you can perform a multitude of exercises and workout routines. Ideally, get yourself a set with a range of weight options, so you’re covered for a larger range of exercises and difficulties. You also can add heavier varieties to your collection as your strength develops.

A kettlebell

Combining strength and aerobic training, kettlebells are a versatile piece of equipment. From kettlebell swings to squats, upright rows to unilateral (one side only) exercises, the kettlebell ensures your workouts will never be boring, promising you the best of both worlds for cardio and strength training benefits. A set like this is perfect.

Sculpting bands (aka booty bands)

Who doesn’t want to strengthen and sculpt their toosh?! Resistance bands are the perfect tool to have in your workout kit to isolate the muscles around your hips and glutes in a way that no other training style will target. Plus, it’s low impact and you’ll learn to love the burn! A set like this is great because it includes different levels of resistance. P.S. A Sculpting band is our number 1 equipment to pack when going away – hello 20-minute, hotel-room, glute-blasting, booty-sculpting workout!

Weighted Vest

If you “don’t have time to exercise” this one is definitely for you! A weighted vest like this has quickly become one of Mish’s favourite pieces in her workout kit because she can wear it around the house while cooking or cleaning, and it makes any day-to-day task a workout! From the minute you put it on, you’ll be getting a cardio and core workout, and that’s before you’ve even started moving!!

Foam roller

Adding 10 minutes of foam rolling each day will significantly aid in your muscle recovery, by increasing blood flow to tired and sore areas. Great to do whilst watching tv at night, foam rolling should become a daily habit. Rollers can be used on all areas of the body, so invest in a deep tissue foam roller and your tight muscles will loooove you for it!

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