Funniest Workout Videos Ever

What are you doing this weekend? Are you planning on working out? Maybe you should get some inspiration from these, err, ‘helpful’ workout videos? Warning: some of these cannot be unseen …

The Poodle Workout Exercise Video

Now THIS is the body we should all be aspiring to achieve (check out those guns!). Have a squiz of this hysterical workout vid and you may never look at your gym’s star member the same again (especially if they have curly hair).

The Prancercise Workout Fitness Video

Get your pony on with this workout which is all springy horse-like movements, instructed by a leggings and blazer-wearing Florida-esk retiree. Yep.

Ellen’s Hawaiian Chair

Want to know the lazy way to strengthen those abs – all while sitting on your butt and getting a day’s work done?! The wildly rotating Hawaiian chair, of course! Ellen gave it a spin, see what you think …

Wipe Me Down Workout Class

Think your gym class instructor is a little too enthusiastic? Check out this guy and his, ahem, thrust-like dance moves to rapper Webbie’s Wipe Me Down.

Working Out with Marky Mark

Back when Mark Wahlberg was an underwear model-come-rapper, he had a ripper body (which he was rather proud of). This clip shows a young Mark working out poolside with his “fly honeys” and sexually harassing a female assistant while doing push-ups at home. Niiice.

Work Out Your Butt with PlyoJam

Get your sexy on with PlyoJam, the hot new fitness craze that combines dance moves with exploding plyometrics. Sure, you might look like a frog high from swimming in a pool of red cordial, but hey, you’ll get a tight booty!

Jim Carrey – Buff, Beautiful and Bitchin’ with Vera de Milo

Jim Carrey sporting a blue bikini top and Spandex bike shorts playing his pumped-up on steroids fitness instructor character, Vera de Milo, is comic gold. In the background of his bone-cracking exercise class is a young J-Lo (far left).

Olivia Newton-John’s Physical

No collation of funny workout videos would be complete without an honorary mention of Olivia Newton John’s Physical. Take a trip back to the horror that was the 80s with this clip.

Of course if you’re after a serious workout to do today, you might want to try 12WBT’s home workout. You won’t need a sweatband or leg warmers, but you will need a few household items like towels, chairs and backpacks. Have fun!  

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