Get to Know our 12WBT Experts: Brooke Surtees, Support Crew

Name: Brooke Surtees
Position: 12WBT Support Crew (Strength and Conditioning Expert)

A CrossFit Superstar

Our 12WBT Support Crew are a team of absolute legends, and Brooke’s no exception! A qualified personal trainer, CrossFit coach, Olympic weightlifting coach, and movement and mobility trainer, she’s well and truly equipped to assist our 12WBTers with any questions or advice. She’s competed at CrossFit competitions nationally for the past four years too!

A typical day at 12WBT: “My job entails monitoring our Forums and responding to Members. When I start, I check in to see what’s happening on the website and go through all the information our Members see that day. I then log into the Forums and answer questions that have been posted, and make sure everyone stays engaged, focused and on track!”

Favourite thing about working for 12WBT: “Supporting our Members as they move through the Program, and seeing the incredible changes they make, not just in their appearance, but also in their lives.”

What Brooke’s most proud of: “I’m most proud of taking a huge leap of faith and starting my own life coaching business. It has been a huge learning experience and gives me so much joy to teach people how to create a life they love. Nothing I have done has been, or is, more rewarding.”

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How she prioritises her health and fitness: “I decided long ago that my health and fitness was my number one priority. It always comes first. Whenever I’m planning something or making a decision, I ask how it will affect my health and fitness, and only make decisions aligned with that. People make a big deal out of it, but all you need to do is decide it’s a priority.”

How she likes to sweat it out: “I love to run, do Olympic weightlifting (snatch plus clean and jerk) and hot yoga.”

Brooke’s perfect day: “No alarm and no schedule! Beach time, fresh vegie juice, heaps of yummy, whole foods (that I’ve cooked) shared with loved ones plus time to write, meditate, do yoga and run.”

Favourite weekend activities: “I love waking up without an alarm and having no set schedule for my weekends. Then catching up with friends and family. My favourite pastime is going out for a meal with friends or cooking for them.”

Favourite comfort food: “Roast lamb or slow-cooked lamb shanks with baked sweet potato and greens.”

Songs Brooke likes to chill out to:

One thing we may not know about you: “I’m currently learning to knit and I love it.”

Her mantra: “I have so many! A current one I’m using is a really simple, yet powerful reminder: Be love.”

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