Increase Your Calorie Burn with These 5 Moves

Reviewed by: Erica Grandjean, APD, BNutr&Diet

Sometimes, a workout can only be squeezed into a very small window of your day.

When this happens, it’s worth focusing on getting more bang for your buck – in other words, burning more calories and raising your heart rate in less time.

The higher the intensity of your workout, the higher the number of calories you burn – not just during your session, but afterwards as well.

Always work at the highest intensity you can manage, where you can still maintain good posture and safe exercise technique.

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Don’t be afraid to work hard here! When lifting weights, the weight should be heavy enough that the final few reps are a struggle to get out, and any cardio you do should leave you breathless.

Here are five excellent moves to increase the calorie burn

1. Skipping for two minutes

Skipping is an excellent all-over cardio move, which raises your heart rate and gets those glutes activated in a short amount of time. Try side-to-side skipping which takes even more strength and mobility.

2. Squat jumps

The squat jump is a two-part move: first, do a sumo-style squat, and then come up for a full jump, returning to the squat again and repeating.

It’s a great body strength exercises mixed with plyometric activity, which is optimal for calorie burn.

3. Burpee with push-up

It’s exactly as it sounds – and very hard! When you’re down on your hands and feet during a burpee, do a push-up either from your knees or on your toes.

4. Mishy Makers with dumbbells

Start in a high plank position, with a 3kg or 4kg dumbbell in each hand n the floor. Row one weight up towards the side of your body, while balancing on the other which remains on the floor. Switch sides.

5. Mountain climbers

This is a calorie-burning favourite of PTs everywhere. The mountain climber burns calories fast while working your core muscles and building arm strength.

Try mixing it up by doing mountain climbers on a reversed bosu ball.

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