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Podcast Review 01 610x350 12WBTAt 12WBT we love our podcasts, and we’re always on the lookout for the best ones to download. We’ve asked our experts to share their favourites that focus on mind, body and soul. Mix up your playlist with a healthy podcast today. These ones are all free!

180 Nutrition: The Health Sessions

“The guests on this 180 Nutrition podcast are always very interesting. Each podcast runs for an hour, and they also put a two-minute sound bite on Facebook – it’s actually called a two-minute gem (usually a good learning or observation from the interviewee). It often draws you in to want to listen to the full podcast. Also: no ads!”

Gabi Bruce, 12WBT’s team leader of fitness and nutrition

Stuff You Should Know

“The Stuff You Should Know podcast certainly expands the mind (…set?) by putting the focus on ALL topics far and wide. It’s a great way to keep that white and grey matter firing long enough to stop us sweating the small stuff.”

Chooky Biordi, 12WBT coach 

Dr Lo Radio Show

Dr Lauren Noel (aka ‘Dr Lo’) is a California-based naturopathic doctor who offers great advice, from alternative medicine methods to improving health. She talks to a variety of guests, some professionals, others famous for the lifestyles they promote. I like that it’s new almost every week, each episode is about 60 minutes and she’s a professional who researches her guests (and mostly agrees with them) before she has them on the show.”

Whitney Crouch, 12WBT dietitian

Bulletproof Radio

Bulletproof Radio is by Dave Asprey, a guy whose crusade it is to ‘hack’ life and ‘to upgrade the human being using every available technology. He’s an über-brain, and his guests are too, so you need to concentrate to understand the details of what they talk about. But it’s worth it! You’ll learn a lot!”

Gabi Bruce, 12WBT team leader of fitness and nutrition

The Good Life Project

The Good Life Project deals with all kinds of mindset issues on a wider scale than fitness and nutrition. Jonathan Fields, the project’s founder, interviews really interesting people with great life lessons. I like that he always finishes by asking each guest what a ‘good life’ means to them.”

Nigel Bartlett, 12WBT sub-editor

Chris Kresser

“I’ve just started listening to the Chris Kesser podcast. He’s not a medical doctor, but he has quite a few on his show. It offers great information (to be used within reason and sometimes under a doctor’s care). And on the nutrition front, you might learn about new foods to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle.”

Whitney Crouch, 12WBT dietitian

Just one thing to remember: the views expressed in these podcasts don’t always reflect those of 12WBT, so take whatever info you want and forget about the rest! What’s your favourite? Got any other suggestions? Tell us in the comments below.

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