Summer: The Best Season for Exercise!

It’s hard to go past Summer as our FAVOURITE season! While you could spend the longer days at your local beer garden, the extra hours of daylight plus warmer mornings and evenings present a great opportunity to be more active and try new forms of exercise.

Summer is perfect time to develop healthy new habits to carry into colder months when the weather isn’t as inviting. Here are some ideas of new activities to explore in the coming months:

Get Social!

NO ONE is too unfit or uncoordinated for group sport! Whether its social soccer, netball, touch football, even Ultimate Frisbee or judo, there are so many clubs out there and it’s a great way to get social and meet new people. Not sure what to do and where to play? The Australian Sports Commission makes it easy with their sports club finder. Put in your state and area and pick from a mammoth list of sports and it will find you details of your closest club. Easy! If you are lacking in confidence in your abilities or worried about your fitness level, do what I do — ring up and ask if there are any spaces in the lowest possible division. There’s typically a level for everyone!

Walk the Talk

If you are out of practice exercising or group sports aren’t your thing then head outside and start walking. Ask a friend to trade in your regular catch up over coffee or a lunch, for a session pounding the parks and pavements. You’ll still get your catch up but also added activity and a chance to take in a bit of the great outdoors!

Give Running a Go

If your aim for these months is to achieve significant weight loss or you want to improve your fitness fast, then you need to introduce more intensive forms of exercise than walking. This is because your body adapts quickly to new forms of activity and walking will not be enough of a trigger point on its own to prompt serious weight loss or fitness gains. If you are a running rookie, start by walking and then look at joining the thousands of our members our Learn to Run Program.

Learn to Dance

Try a beginner’s dance class, whether it’s swing dancing, salsa or Zumba, these classes can be a great way to get moving, have fun and meet new people. They are also fun to have with a partner or friend and you get the added bonus of being able to surprise people with your brilliant new moves.

12WBT Exercise Plans

If you’re after a broad range of exercise that can be done outdoors, in the gym or at home in your living room 12WBT has some amazing, truly inspirational workout videos throughout our program that are exclusive to members only. We cater to all sorts, from beginners to the extremely fit, and there is an added bonus: you can a) witness me trying to keep up with Michelle, b) I don’t mind if you laugh at me as my legs turn to jelly!

When it comes down to it, it really doesn’t matter what form your new exercise takes. This is about a change of mindset and beginning to engrain new healthy habits into your daily routine. After a couple of months exercising in gorgeous weather you should have built up enough momentum to get you through the colder months so you can stay leaner, healthier and have more energy all year round.

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