5 Easy Ways To Train With Your Toddler

Since having Axel, I’ve really had to get creative with my training. More often than not, he’s with me and if I don’t figure out how to workout with him in tow, it simply won’t happen!  I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for how challenging it can be to train with your little ones around – but, I’m always up for a challenge, so here are the best ways I found success in training with my toddler! 


  • For really little ones, lie them down underneath you and do your push-ups over the top of them.  You get the perfect depth every time – kiss bubba on the forehead at the bottom of each push-up!
  • For toddlers and older littlies, have them get on your back piggyback style, and do your push-ups with them as extra weight!  Alternatively have them lie to one side of you, and do travelling push-ups – do 1 push up with them on your left, then from your high push up position, crab walk sideways until they’re on your right, and do a push-up.  Have them count your reps and let you know when you’ve reached your goal.


  • Either hold your bubba in front of your chest or pop them in a carrier so your arms are free. Do alternate forward lunges or walking lunges.
  • With a toddler, have them lunge with you, they might do 2 lunges to every 1 of yours, and have them keep count – great for building their ‘fun feel’ for exercise while building their math brains too!


  • Either hold your bubba in front of your chest or pop them in a carrier so your arms are free. Squats with a pause at the bottom, or pulse your squats for a few reps at the bottom of the squat.
  • For older littlies, have them do wall sits with you – slide your back down the wall and walk your feet forward until you end up in a sitting position.  Hold for as long as you can, counting the seconds. Have your child keep count and aim to beat your score with each new rep.


Shoulder Press 
  • Holding your baby in your arms close to your chest, push bubba up overhead as high as you can, then lower back to start position.  Optional kiss on the forehead for every rep!
  • For a toddler, have them stand on a chair or table, and lift them off and down to the floor. Have them climb back up, and repeat the lifting down for as many reps as your arms can cope with! 


Kneeling Core and Balance 
  • Put your baby in a carrier on your back, come to the floor in a kneeling position.  Extend 1 arm out in front of you and the opposite leg out behind you until both are parallel to the floor, repeat on the other side.
  • For older littlies, put them on a sliding surface. Have them reach their arms out to you and you take hold of their hands with your arms outstretched and your legs in a wide squat. Pull them towards you and feel your back and butt working!


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