10 Healthy Date Night Ideas

Stuck in a ‘dinner and a movie’ date night rut? A fun date doesn’t mean you have to blow out on both calories and spending. With Valentine’s Day coming up, choose from this list and take your special someone out for a day or night that’s healthy, fun AND romantic!

10 Ideas to Spice Up Your Next Date

1. Get in the Kitchen

A night in, cooking a healthy meal is fun and free (after purchasing the ingredients). Take turns in choosing a healthy recipe and get cooking. Remember, red wine (in moderation) has proven health benefits! Try this recipe for 12WBT Coconut Orange Souffles with Strawberry.

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2. Take a Hike

Walk the trails at your local park or national park – get inspired with these Top Walking Routes Around Australia. Pack some healthy snacks or a picnic and make a day of it. Don’t forget the water and sunscreen!

3. Get Active Indoors

Depending on the weather, outdoor fun might not be an option, but there are still lots of indoor activities that are both entertaining and active! Think ten pin bowling, indoor mini golf, or a game of Twister at home!

4. Be Tourists in Your Town

What local attractions are in your area that you’ve always said “We should do that” but never have? Probably a few I would guess! Make a list and start checking it off. Maybe there’s a local art gallery or museum in your town? A walking tour? Or a theatre with live performances, concerts or plays? Walk to and from the activity if you can. Check your local guides.

5. Try a New Sport

Always wanted to learn tennis or try that boot camp you see happening on your way to work? Sign you and your significant other up and give it a try. You’ll have someone to laugh with as you try a new activity!

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6. Relive Your Youth

What did you and your partner love to do as a children – ice skating, roller blading, tree climbing, frisbee? Channel your inner child and get back into it. You may wonder why you ever stopped!

7. Go On An Outdoor Adventure

Local deals sites often have great outdoor activity deals like kayaking, paintball or tours, often at great prices.

8. Dance!

Whether you go out to a local club or dance in your lounge room, dancing burns bucketloads of calories, and gets your endorphins pumping. Sign up for dance lessons (some sexy salsa, anyone?) or take in turns playing DJ at home.

9. Train for A Fun Run

This is the date that keeps on going – choose an event from our 2017 Running Calendar and start training for it… together! You’ll be sharing quality time while working towards something. They say competition is sexy, right?

10. Have Sex!

While many healthy activities are outdoors, there’s one you can enjoy at home. That’s right, sex is not only fun, but great for you. It’s been proven to increase mood, lower stress, boost your immune system and yes, burn a bunch of calories. Need an added incentive to stay on track? How weight loss can boost your love life.


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