Our Experts Share Their Tips for a Healthy Summer

Fact: summer is an AWESOME time to have fun and get fit and healthy. And no, that doesn’t mean saying no to every party or social gathering. Imagine how good you’ll feel at the end of summer if you’ve challenged yourself to hitting some goals and feeling ready to take on 2017!

Fit Tim’s Top Tips

1. Run with the Sun

Take advantage of the longer hours of daylight, and train in the morning, evening or BOTH if you want to reach your goals even faster. For many people running during sunrise or sunset is not only physically healthy but has the added benefits of stress relief, emotional uplift and there’s even something spiritual when the sun meets the earth.

2. Get Outside

It doesn’t all have to be planned out, regimented exercise. Going for a picnic or to the beach with a few different balls, a frisbee and friends can get you moving, burning loads of calories, all without you even noticing because you’re having so much fun.

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3. Hit the Water

Whether it’s a beach, pool or lake, finish your normal workout with a bit of swimming. Swimming will accelerate the recovery process which means you’ll feel less stiff and sore, plus it will refresh your mind and burn that little bit more fat from your body, especially if the water is cold. It always helps to have a bit more aquatic fitness, too!

Lisa’s Three Key Factors

1. Eat Mostly Plants

There is nothing more nourishing than eating plant food, and you have to agree that the warmer months bring out some of the best produce! Load up half your plate with salads, steamed vegetables or even BBQ goodies like zucchini brushed with olive oil and garlic. Yum! Plants not only fill us up and provide valuable fibre, but they are also packed with phytonutrients that help keep us healthy from the inside out! Snack on two serves of seasonal fruits paired with natural yoghurt to get you through any between-meal slumps.

2. Stay Hydrated

With a focus on water as your number one thirst quencher, you are not only going to maintain good hydration status but you’ll also minimise headaches and unnecessary hunger. So before you go reaching for a snack, ensure you’re not thirsty and have some water first. You will need about 30 ml/kg as your baseline.

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3. Plan Ahead

Planning meals and social gatherings ahead of time allows you to be organised and prepared. Enjoy an indulgent night once a week, but try to eat in a healthy and balanced way for the rest of the week. It’s what you do consistently that reigns supreme, so if you plan ahead you can always feel in control of your meals.

Lou’s Essential Advice

1. Meet ONE Big Fitness Goal

With the extra hours and the great weather, there’s no better way to tackle a big fitness goal and tick this off your bucket list during the summer months. Think about something that you want to participate in such as a run or a fundraiser, and see how you can incorporate training towards that into your summer exercise routine.

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2. Take Advantage of the Sun

The summer months open up so much opportunity to work on the things that we may neglect when it’s chillier.  How about a nice early morning stretch in the sun, walking to your destination instead of driving (so many more calories being burned here!), washing your car or doing the gardening, and even cycling instead of walking is a cool way to increase the intensity of your training, while feeling the breeze through your hair!

3. Switch up Your Training AND Gear

Summer offers so many fantastic ways to throw variety into your training and quite often, a previously mundane approach to an activity can be spiced up by changing how you do it, what you wear or even where you do it. By performing your workouts in a different location for the same workout and picking something different to wear can stimulate so much energy and excitement! 

The feeling of accomplishment while you wear something different to do your workout in that you didn’t feel comfortable wearing at the gym, etc. is so great!

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4. Listen to Your Body

It’s important to look after yourself with the increased risk of dehydration during the summer and to protect your skin while you’re outdoors. Increased levels of activity will mean you’re more likely to feel fatigued and while some people may assume this is purely due to exercise, it’s often the case the there’s just not enough fuel and oil in the tank.

Look after your nourishment by replenishing these stores properly, and if you’re feeling a bit ‘meh’ after your workout, please note if this needs attention and look after yourself. Look out for any signs that you’re a little under the weather, through inadequate nourishment or overtraining such as lethargy, nausea and poor muscle function. It’s easy to miss how much harder you’re working while you’re busting out epic summer sessions vs. the somewhat slower winter ones. Remember to protect your skin while you move outdoors by wearing suitable clothing for exercise (thick/tight cotton is probably not the best option here) and slip, slop, slap!

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