12WBT Survival Guide: Eating and Drinking At the Pub

Heading to the pub to ease into the weekend is an Aussie tradition. It’s a great place for dinner (and a drink or two!) but stay savvy to stay on track. Read on for the low down on making healthy choices at the pub.

Off the Menu: Healthy Food Choices at the Pub

When it comes to the food, a great choice is steak or fish grilled with salad (minus the chips).

The trick is to watch your portion sizes, and it helps to visualise servings before ordering. With meat, you should be having a serve the size of your palm and thickness of your pinkie finger. Pub kitchens generally don’t follow this rule, so chances are you’ll have to leave some on your plate. Don’t feel embarrassed asking for a doggy bag!

Salads are a great choice to fill you up without the guilt of a massive calorie load, but limit the number of protein and extra items to no more than two – think meat, seafood, cheese, egg, croutons and dressing.

Watch the dressing too – if it’s a creamy dressing, ask for it on the side so you can determine exactly how much you eat. Make sure the salad is based on leafy vegies rather than pasta, rice or other carb-heavy ingredients.

Try these healthier choices:

  • Grilled Fish of the Day With Salad
  • 200g Steak With Salad
  • Grilled Haloumi Salad

Drink Smarter: How Many Calories in your Beer or Wine?

Let’s face it, a lot of us like to go out and enjoy a drink or two with friends. But how long it will take to burn off your favourite bevvy? We’ve done the thinking for you, so take note. Better yet, print it out and stick it to your fridge for the next time you reach for a drink!


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  1. Mmm, alcohol and calories. Good to know what’s what. This will go on my fridge to keep a check on what I’m doing. Hic!

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