How to Beat the 3pm Slump Without Sugar

Our morning starts out so well; we’re pumped for the day, feeling energetic…and then just as we touch on mid-afternoon, we slump.

Just don’t go reaching for the sugar yet – here are some natural tips to get energy levels up again!

1. Do a workout

Taking the time to workout during your lunch break; even going for a walk does wonders in shifting a heavy feeling.

2. Do some ‘chair’ yoga

If you don’t have time to put a workout in at lunchtime, try doing something quick at your desk, such as a stretch sequence or a few yoga moves.

3. Get some air

10 minutes of sunshine can lift that dull feeling and recharge your mood. Sunlight triggers the release of serotonin through cues in the retina, making you feel lighter and happier.

Breathing in some fresh air can curb cloudy moods and re-energise you.

4. Have a light lunch and avoid sweets

Processed foods, sugary snacks and large serves can all contribute to a slump after lunch.

Stick to your sensible 12WBT meals/snacks for a healthy way to combat this. A square of dark chocolate is great if you really need a fix.

5. Have a brew

A cuppa can shift lethargy and it’s great to move away from your work area to do this is possible to shake off stagnant energy.

6. Brainpower

Do something to stimulate your brain activity and feed your cells with information, a task or a puzzle etc.

7. Walk to a meeting

A brisk walk to your appointment can supercharge you for a powerful one.

8. Chat it out

Engage in light-hearted conversation to switch your state and change focus from your working day.

9. Make a bucket list

Take action on planning something from your bucket list to get excited and boost your mood!

10. Use some essential oils

Pop some peppermint oil in the palm of your hand and gently rub into your temples and back of the wrist.

Alternatively, rub a rosemary sprig between your fingers to release a lovely fragrance for energy pep up.

11. Give something back

The gift of giving is a special way to lift your mood and reset your attention for the afternoon.

Even a phone call to your best friend to say thanks for being awesome can work a treat.

12. Listen to some tunes

Nothing beats a great playlist for lifting your mood and creating energy – focus on what makes you happy.

Here’s how to prepare for success before a slump sets in:

  • Stay hydrated

Add lemon to your water for a boost and keep a water bottle on your desk to remind you to keep sipping.

  • Get enough sleep

Yes, this is obvious and so important.

  • Stand up at frequent intervals

Aim to get up hourly if even just for a few seconds and move those muscles.

  • Minimise alcohol

Alcohol can leave you tired, dehydrated and craving unhelpful foods, so cut back during your week or out entirely if you feel this impacting your levels over the next day.

  • Vary your tasks

Spice up the monotony of your day by switching gears in your tasks. If you start to feel foggy when you’re doing something, try doing something else if you can and switch gears.

  • Have a good breakfast

Most lulls in the afternoon can peak due to a poor approach to the start of your day. Never miss your breakfast and follow a nutritious plan to maximise your energy all day long.

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