Top 10 Rising Food Trends

Want to know what the hottest food trends are for the coming year? The Sterling-Rice Group makes sure it stays abreast of all things culinary, so we’ve taken a look at its food predictions to find out what we’ll be seeing more of in 2014.

1. Lemon

Lemons will be popping up everywhere. Think dressings, juices, preserves, yoghurts and desserts. Adding a squeeze of lemon can bring out lots of flavour and is a great alternative to adding salt to dishes.


2. Tea

It’s not just a relaxing cuppa – 2014 will see tea being used in dinners and desserts. It’s set to replace the use of added butter and oils, bringing a unique flavour to dishes.

3. Middle Eastern inspirations

Expect to see spices like sumac and za’atar finding their way into popular dishes. These spices are full of antioxidants and are a great way to add flavour to a dish.

4. Dairy alternatives

Nut milks are taking off in 2014. Get ready to see them appearing in sauces, drinks and dinners. They’re great for people with allergies and intolerances to dairy. Remember to check the labels though: if they aren’t fortified you might miss out on nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D found in dairy products.

5. Egg yolks

Egg whites take a back seat to let the much-maligned yolks shine. Egg yolks are set to replace cheeses, dairy and creamy sauces used in dishes to create a rich flavour, thus reducing the fat content of meals.


6. Not so classic American

Goodbye burgers and hotdogs! The next trend from America focuses on slightly finer tastes. Expect to see richly flavoured dishes like wedge salads with creamy dressings. Watch the fat content of this emerging trend!

7. Poaching and steaming

Forget about bland-tasting foods – poaching and steaming are taking a new direction. By embracing flavours like wine, coffee and smokey liquids, flavours are enhanced, bringing exotic new tastes to dishes.

8. Seaweed

Seaweed won’t just be found wrapped around your sushi roll. This sea green is going to be popular as a snack and seasoning. It’s also a great source of iodine for healthy thyroid function.

9. Pasta

Traditional Italian pasta will have a makeover in 2014, with new shapes, flavours and varieties. We’ll also be seeing pasta made with some of the alternative flours that are emerging.


10. Farm to plate

Exotic meats such as goat, rabbit and pigeon will be more popular in 2014. Many people are turning away from farmed meats to those by small-scale producers, leading to the increased popularity of leaner game meats.

A few of these ideas might help to spice up the produce from your summer salad garden!

Will you be including any of these as a part of your meals? Are you ready to snack on seaweed or get some pigeon on your plate in 2014? Let us know!

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  1. steaming and poaching with fragrant liquid sounds delightful! I think 2014 might be a delicious adventure!

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