WIN 1 of 3 LG Side by Side Fridges!


Congratulations to the following winners who have scored an LG 635L Side by Side Fridge each!
1. Kirsty M. from NSW
2. Carly P. from VIC
3. Sharon S. from NSW

All winners have been contacted via email.


After a fridge upgrade? Want to keep your meals fresher for longer with features like Surround Cooling™? Or love the convenience of distilled water at the touch of a button with a UVnano® Water Dispenser?

Sign up to a 12WBT Program today for 20 entries to win 1 of 3 LG 635L Side by Side Fridges worth $2499 each! Hurry, entries close February 6 at 11.59PM AEDT.

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173 thoughts on “WIN 1 of 3 LG Side by Side Fridges!

  1. Our trusty fridge/freezer has died after 8 years. Clearly we are desperate for a replacement. Winning one would be gold.

  2. A brand new fridge to start afresh – just what my husband and I need to kick off 12WBT!!

  3. Our 5 year old ‘ fridge died at 11.10AM yesterday, probably not a good Brand, so a new, 2 door LG would enable us to put the camping fridge back in the shed.

  4. This amazing LG Side by Side Fridge would take centre stage in my kitchen- the heart of the family home, Looking good and ensuring our food and drinks are kept perfectly at the right temperature and its size perfect for the family and entertaining. It would definitely hold the Christmas leg of ham and all the other gourmet delights.

  5. The LG Side by Side Fridges! are total luxury, would certainly need to update the rest of the kitchen.

  6. Wow, thanks for this incredible opportunity! Today is a great day to win a brand new fridge…🤗

  7. funky cool colour need a fridge too store some wicked merchandise munchies UP

  8. Our fridge has lived it’s best life 🙌 it’s time now to upgrade & retire gracefully to the garage to refrigerate hubbies fish bait and beer 🤪

  9. This ridge is sensational and would be fantastic for my family. Ours isn’t big enough, this would be perfect. 🙏🏻👍

  10. A story to be told.
    My Fridge is waaaay old, now it’s time for the neeew
    and no longer make dooo!
    More space! Limp and crowded veggies mutter “how long must we suffer the indignity of a single door view”
    So surely an upgrade most pure if the gods of lucky do smile
    and If my number comes up, and a fridge this way comes, well I do say most assuredly welcome in appearance be it shall,
    and…Do not to call me “Shirley” for that’s not my name.

  11. Building a new house after a long time scraping and saving this fridge would be perfect, new house, new fridge why not, thanks for the chance.

  12. Who wouldn’t love an amazing new fridge big enough for your weekly meal prep needs..

  13. Side by side Fridge the ultimate upgrade in looks, technology,food safety and guaranteed food quality. A must for any kitchen, a requirement for mine .

  14. I believe this fridge would be excellent in my kitchen. Wow it’s amazing!

  15. As a farmer I feed the nation! During Covid people finally realised how important we actually are 7 days a week. Its a lifestyle we choose but an essential one, just as a refrigerator is and I would love to own a beautiful new one to complement my life when I leave the office outside and come home

  16. Our grandson has flown the coup so would love to give him our old one and win the new one for us. And we have another grandchild coming to stay while they’re studying so we need a bigger one as well
    Thanks a million

  17. Love LG stuff. A fridge would be perfect for us as we never have enough room in ours

  18. I love LG fridges, have had mine for over 10yrs now and still working, never any trouble! Would love another one for extra storage.

  19. We have the velveteen rabbit of fridges. It’s seen a lot of love and it’s kinda showing :}

  20. I love love love my old LG fridge and desperately need a new one. I recommend LG fridges to everyone as they are simply the best!!!

  21. Would love a LG side by side fridge freezer they are a wonderful brand and after over 30 yrs our side by side fridge freezer is starting to peel at the doors and has served our family well

  22. I would be so happy to give my daughter a new fridge for her growing family. Her present one is way too small.

  23. We are a family of 5-2 adults and 2 adult children and a 8 month grandchild. We desperatly need a second fridge.

  24. My fridge is 36 years old. It has been repaired many times. During the drought we put any spare money into feeding our cattle. Winning A new fridge would be a dream come true

  25. My freezer is over 50 years old and our refrigerator is 20 years old so it would be nice to have an upgrade 😵‍💫

  26. We have LG side by side fridges that are getting old (20years) , would love new ones.They have been great.

  27. I would love this new fridge as mine is now 20yr old so be great to win this and would look great in my new home.

  28. My last LG side by side I bought in 2005 and still was good to pass on in 2020, just wouldn’t stop running

  29. Finishing off a reno with a brand new side by side LG would be the icing on the cake

  30. LG products are fantastic, especially their TVs. I have an LG Washing Machine and I use it every day, it is quiet and well balanced. I would love a new fridge. Keep up the Great Work LG.

  31. Our fridge is waking us up at night, making all sorts of weird sounds, the temperature setting doesn’t work, ice cream is runny & vegetables are frozen! Needs to be put to rest!

  32. Just love your style of fridges compared to others. Mine is 21 years old help.
    Glenn Hunter

  33. The present fridge we have its on its way out and I can’t keep calling out a repairman it’s too expensive I would love to win a fridge of this beauty I’ve never won anything in my life😊


  34. Our fridge is over 18 years old and past the use by date .
    The surrounds on the fridge have turned yellow and cracking it’s unsightly looking fridge and with so many repairs of late. It’s not worth it anymore.
    So a modern reliable LG fridge would be a Lifesaver. Thankyou

  35. I have a new LG side by side Fridge, my daughter’s fridge has seen better days, It would be lovely to get her a new one. My daughter is now a single mum, bringing up 3 children on her own.

  36. I need some motivation to exercise and to feel good and a new fridge will be just the best bonus to go with the new me.

  37. My current side-by-side fridge is over 25 years old and does not cool enough. I need a new fridge. The LG side-by-side will fit the space exactly.

  38. I would love this fridge! Ours is small and we have ravinous children but I think people effected by the floods etc should be considered first. Can’t wait to start my 12wbt with you!!

  39. Having a hand me down fridge that’s traveled around the country is definitely on its way out

  40. I would love a new fridge as my husband cleaned ours with a scourer. Not a good look.

  41. Swapping all my appliances to LG so this would slide in nicely to my kitchen, fingers crossed

  42. A new fridge for a family of 4 would be awesome. The fridge we have now needs help.

  43. I would love to win a fridge but I would also be happy for a family who have lost everything in the floods to win it too. 👍🥰

  44. Would love a fridge that could handle our family’s size. Looks awesome too, I’ll be like to my mates “come over and check out my fridge” instead of my LG TV which is pretty awesome.

  45. I’ve had a Smeg fridge for 10 years and never liked it.
    My daughter has had a LG and loves it.

  46. My current fridge is a Fisher & Paykel and we have had nothing but trouble with it. Being a Pensioner we would love to be able to replace it.

  47. Our current LG side by side was purchased on Fathers Day 2004. It is getting tired.

  48. My kitchen badly needs a new fridge my old LG is cracked but hubby won’t let me get one until it fully dies 😂 an upgrade would be perfect right now !!!

  49. A new up grade to our kitchen would be fabulous as LG make one of the best appliances and it wlll get me in my wife’s good books
    Cheers Geoff Grey nomad

  50. Oh I have everything crossed as my fridge is on it’s last rattly legs 🙏🏼🙏🏼☺️

  51. My current fridge is way overdue for replacing. Has had a few internal repairs & is missing some shelves due to breakages. I would really love to see a new LG side by side

  52. I love lg fridges. They have quality product. This look awesome. I wish i could have in my kitchen. Dreams would come true. Its a real gem of kitchen.

  53. The LG fridge is a must in the kitchen.
    In my opinion from the craftmanship to the efficiency and capacity the LG fridge it ranks No 1.

  54. I would really love to win a new LG pigeon pair fridge freezer as my pair are over 30 yrs old and doors are starting to peel and I have to keep cleaning the rubber due to mould so lam crossing my fingers l am lucky

  55. I’ll be looking at buying a house soon and winning a fridge will be an extra cost of my shoulders

  56. I had a similar size side by side before, perfect freezer to complement the fridge. Easy freezer to organise. Looking to get one again

  57. My wife of 49 years & 10 months has passed away I need some luck to come my way for a change

  58. Our fridge is busting at the doors
    Need more space for fresh fruit and vegetables

  59. We are in need of a new fridge very old and needs replacing would be wonderful to win one of these !!!!

  60. I was just about to buy a new fridge with summer coming up. A side by side would be ideal for those extra drinks and deserts!!!

  61. A new fridge like this would just make everyday living so much easier and healthy!

  62. Currently running 2 fridges. Not good for energy consumption. Really need one good fridge to suit all of our needs

  63. I am a live in carer and I need any help with practical things like a side by side fridge which would help me organise frozen and refrigerated food better

  64. LG fridges are awesome I believe they make the kitchen complete I just renovated my kitchen and would love to upgrade my LG fridge to new one 🙂

  65. I currently do not have a fridge and will need one soon when I move into a house. Thank you for this opportunity

  66. I’ve always wanted a side by side fridge so that we can store all our refrigerated items compact and to be a space saving fridge

  67. I bought an LG TV & washing machine very recently & im very impressed. My fridge however is ok but ready to walk out the door on its own it’s so old & with summer coming I’m really worried about having a working fridge . An update to LG would be great timing I really need a quiet good looking fridge to go with everything else LG .

  68. LG means “Life is Good”. My life would be easier using the LG appliances. My house would be composed of LG utilities.

  69. Just started building my first home and this would complete the kitchen and look absolutely stunning!

  70. Mine is dying a sad agonising death. Time to replace it
    Like I tell my hubby , need to upgrade him oops meant the fridge.

  71. As more foods these days require refrigeration, modern households need 20% or more space, so the 635L size is perfect for our needs. LG products such as our washing machine and 2 televisions have performed faultlessly so the new fridge would be a wellcome addition to our LG family.

  72. I sold plenty to LG products when I was working with BL excellent appliances and used the direct drive washer and side by side fridge but after retirement it will be good to replace my old fridge with a new one .

  73. How gorgeous are the LG fridges?! practical, modern works of art!!
    And would really love it if I had one!!!!!

  74. My fridge is so small, I can’t fit anything in it .
    I’m waiting for a new kitchen hopefully coming soon. This would be a dream come true 🙏🏻😊

  75. My son and his partner are about to embark on their new life together as husband and wife. They have no furniture for their new home and a new fridge is just what they need first. It would be wonderful to be able to give yhem that.

  76. The only thing left to finish off our kitchen is the fridge. This would look amazing. The kids would love the ice dispenser.

  77. My mum wanted a Whirlpool but with an LG she will be the one in a whirl of her own.

  78. Building a tiny home/shed house and currently living out of a camping fridge. Would love a new fridge to finish the look of the kitchen.

  79. That will be perfect gift at the end of the year specially when you can’t afford it 🙂

  80. Have 3 kids and our fridge was ruined by the flooding in July. A new fridge, or any fridge would be awesome right now.

  81. A side by side is like owning a spaceship…. Oh I’m so ready to move into the modern era!!

  82. Last time my mum had a brand new fridge was over 25 years ago! This would be amazing for her

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