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So You’ve Just Conquered A Nutrition And Fitness Challenge – Now What?

So you’ve completed your fitness challenge! You’re proudly reflecting on your commitment to months of sweaty training sessions, healthy eating and purposeful self-evaluation. BUT, when the finish line is crossed and the camera shutter closes on your final ‘after’ photo, you may be like many – sitting there a little lost and wondering ‘what next?’ What does come after the ‘after’?

Now all good transformation challenges are really about establishing healthy habits. They do this by providing you with all the tools you need to start your journey towards your health and wellness goals. Fitness plans, recipes, mindset lessons and a like-minded community at the ready! So it is understandable that when this ‘finishes’ you are not sure which direction to turn. 

Take a deep breath, a well-earned seat and let’s reflect together.


Reflection #1. Reflect and celebrate ALL your wins… no matter how small 

Getting out of bed 15 minutes earlier, organising your weekly meals, even going to bed at a set time all may not seem like much. BUT they are wins! They are the little habits that are making it possible to work on those bigger goals. So reflect…..write them down… and feel proud! Remember working out what things ‘don’t work’ for you are just as important as working out ones that do. They help you to revise strategies and refine processes.

Reflection #2. Reflect on the actual program (fitness, recipes, mindset lessons, community)

What did you find really helped you establish positive habits? What would you change? Did you like the community and accountability? How about the workouts? Did you like the frequency? What about the recipes? These questions will help you when it comes to our reflection number 3.

Reflection #3 Decide whether you want to ‘go it alone’ OR ‘hit another Round of the same OR different program’

If you want to go it alone…

Great! This means you must have achieved some great positive habits and goals and feel confident maintaining these. Remember to utilise all your tools (including recipes and workouts), add in some fun recreational activities to keep your exercise fun and mind stimulated and find a schedule that is manageable to maintain consistency. Check out this blog if you want to know more about avoiding the yo-yo effect: How To Avoid The Yo-yo Weight Loss Mentality 

If you want to do another Round (maybe switching up your program)….

Great! It means you are either still consolidating habits OR progressing your fitness goals OR love the lifestyle and the community.

Revise your goals, change things up if you need to by choosing a different program and focus on consistency for the long term. You can sign up to another Round here.

If you want to focus on a longterm lifestyle commitment…

REMEMBER like a diet, a fitness challenge is truly only successful if you are able to consolidate the habits in a positive way into your life. This is why 12WBT now offers a 12 month and beyond membership option. Our ‘lifestyle’ members can choose to join 12-week rounds, access 4-week mini-programs, access our workout library and recipe index all year round, and so much more. If you want to vary it up and commit to a lasting healthy lifestyle, check out 12WBT Lifestyle here.


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