A Round Of Applause For Our May End Of Round Winners!

It’s that wonderful time of the month again, where we celebrate our extraordinary 12WBT End of Round winners! Our May winners have lost a total combined 117.37 kgs!! What an achievement!! Please join us in congratulating their effort, their consistency and their dedication to the 12WBT program. Our winners have made life-changing transformations in their mind, body and soul, proving that it’s never too early or too late to turn your health and fitness around. But the results speak for themselves, so read on to hear from our inspiring winners themselves!!


Lauren Howard

end of round

I’m so proud of the cms I’ve lost and the muscle I’ve gained this round. And also the fact that I can now do squat jumps without it hurting my knees and ankles.

I worked my butt off over the last 12 weeks. And the results show just what happens when you change your food habits and add some exercises. I can’t wait for the next round to start so I can continue to smash more of my goals. Thank you, Michelle and the 12WBT team for putting together such a fantastic program and one that actually works!

~Weight lost: 18kgs~


Ali Donnellan

end of round

I’ve reached the goal I set out to achieve! 

The cm lost has me so shocked. I feel more myself than I have done since having Lucy, my baby, 11mths ago. I have so much energy and feel good about myself. Thank you for pulling me out of a funk that was spiralling. I didn’t know me anymore, but over the last 12 weeks… I’ve found me again.

~Weight lost: 11kgs~


Kylie Kellalea

end of round

My willpower and determination this round has been unstoppable and for that reason, my self-esteem has gone from the deepest darkest corner of a depressive state to basking in the sunshine. 

I feel like I can do anything. I’m focused, proud and lighter (mentally and physically). I say, don’t think, just do. Put that work in and you will be wowed!!

~Weight lost: 12kgs~


Karissa Anderson

end of round

I can do more than one pushup and am so much stronger than I was before. Until now, there’s no more huffing after walking the kids to the bus stop! I’m back to doing some short runs and inspiring the kids to be active more often.

My biggest win was taming my will power. I got through the 2.5 weeks school holidays without eating a block of chocolate a day as I had done in the past! My confidence and self-esteem have increased greatly. I’m getting out and meeting new people where before I’d hang back and try to blend in. All in all, thank you Mish and the team for this amazing program. 

~Weight lost: 12kgs~


Sarah Tice

end of round

My mental achievements have been huge throughout this challenge. 

A family emergency had me interstate in a hotel for 4 weeks and I managed to stay positive, maintain my calorie intake and exercise every day. Without a doubt, I want to keep being the best version of myself. My tip is “JFDI”. In short, no one else is going to do it for you. You have to start somewhere and the time is now. I am the girl with the shiniest halo. And I intend to keep it shining.

~Weight lost: 14kgs~


Mary Shaw

end of round

My self worth has improved so much! 

My stress and anxiety levels have definitely become calmer. Anxiety has always been a bit of a ball and chain around my ankle. Especially at social events. It helps to think positive even with the littlest of change, and my facial expressions look happier too. I’m very positive about any little improvement.

I’m thankful this program exists. There is nothing like it! Although the scales didn’t say exactly what I wanted, I feel leaner stronger and more confidant. After all, it was more about getting into that new dress anyway!! My CM loss was enough to celebrate!

~Weight lost: 13kgs~


Danielle Moleman

end of round

I have lost 62cm and over 20kg from my body in only 12 weeks, that is a pretty amazing thing to be proud of.

I have much stronger willpower now that I can easily say no to temptation and I also no longer feel the need to eat when stressed, I am now so much happier in life. 12WBT is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change towards health and wellbeing.

~Weight lost: 20kgs~


Hannah Hamelink

end of round

I’ve finally managed to fit back into my summer shorts that I haven’t fit into for 2 years!!

I’m so proud that I managed to stick to the full 12 weeks, I now have so much will power when it comes to chocolate and sugar. I’m also reading so many more labels and wanting to know what I’m putting into my body. I dance every morning in my underwear, it puts me in the best mood!  If I can do it, anyone can!!! Thank you, Michelle, for making it so easy to get my mind and body back to a happy healthy place! I owe you!!!

~Weight lost: 12kgs~


We also would like to include a shout out to our End of Round Hero, Jen Hulustaert!

This is what her fellow 12WBTer’s had to say about Jen!

“Jen inspires me every day. She has struggled to lose weight but has kept posting sharing what she can do with exercising and recovering from injury. She was a last-minute participant in our GC trip and then 48 hours before the race switched from the 10k event to the half marathon. She ran it in around 2:39 with no formal preparation and having not really done any running since being injured a year ago. Now she is tackling changing her nutrition to lose kilos. She inspires perseverance in absolutely all!”


For more transformation inspiration from our End of Round Winners, visit us here


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