This Beginner Workout Burns Over 300 Calories

Reviewed by: Tim Pittorino, BHSC

Think beginner workout, think easy? Less calories burnt, perhaps? Wrong!

You can in fact get a great workout in if you’re a beginner, or looking for something a little more low-impact. It’s all about adding a body-strength element to your workout.

Strength training burns a lot of calories even though your heart rate monitor may not tell you. That’s because of something called afterburn, which is where your muscles continue to burn off calories as they repair and strengthen.

Chances are the redder your face and the more wobbly your legs, the more calories you’ve burnt. So when lifting weights feel the burn baby!

12WBT’s 300 Calorie Beginner Workout

This workout is short but sweet…sweetened with all the big calorie-burning exercises that is. It’s a two-round circuit, you’ll need a timer and a bit of energy. There is a lot of jumping, so if you’re worried about your knees, give this one a miss.


  • 2 mins low, fast steps on a raised platform
  • 10 backward arm circles
  • 12 star jumps
  • 30-second plank on knees (or toes, if you’re up for it!)


Do this circuit twice, and go as hard as you can!

  • 60 seconds alternating backward lunges. Add a 3 to 5kg weight in each hand for more burn
  • 60 seconds of ice skaters (side to side jumping, like you’re skating)
  • 60 seconds of jogging on the spot with high knee kicks
  • 60 seconds of mountain climbers
  • 60 seconds of sumo squats (add a 5 to 8kg kettlebell if you can)
  • 60 seconds of basketball jumps
  • 60 seconds plank on knees


Stretch out your chest, glutes and lower back muscles for at least three minutes.

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