The 10 Best Workout Moves for Absolute Beginners

Reviewed by: Tim Pittorino, BHSC

Are you new to training, or even returning after a gap in your exercise? Beginners can take on many different forms – not just those at the early stages of a journey.

Whatever your reason may be for taking the plunge, starting out sensibly is the ticket to a successful and sustainable fitness journey.

Many beginners feel quite overwhelmed in the early stages. The trick is to know which moves are safe, yet pack a punch in terms of calorie and fat burning.

Here are 10 moves for beginners that are practical, yet powerful!

1. Dumbbell squat press


This is brilliant functional movement that involves most major muscle groups. The range can be adapted easily depending on knee condition/strength and depth you are capable of.

2. Push-ups on knees



Push ups are a fantastic exercise that lays the foundation for many other exercises to be performed well.

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3. Bent over rows with dumbbells


Performing rows in this position is an awesome way to work your core at the same time. Bending forwards to do this exercise engages your core, while training you back muscles too.

4. Low impact burpee


This may indeed seem like one of the worst exercises, and your relationship with it will be filled with despair while doing them, but you’ll feel elation afterwards!

5. Hip raises on ground


Looks easy right? Try these ‘hip hip hooray’ hip raises for a seriously punchy burn in your hamstrings and butt! Once you have mastered these and can get your hips all the way up to straighten your body, try the single leg version.

6. Cobra back extension


We spend so much of our day in a forward position. This exercise is a great move that’s straightforward to do, yet wonderful for pulling the back muscles in line. Really helpful for people the sit at a desk for long periods and they feel SO good, too!

7. Forward arm walkout on knees


Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this – your entire core is getting a great hit with this exercise. Small bursts with nice form are excellent in targeting lots of little muscles alongside the obvious big players here.

8. Kettlebell swing


There’s a multitude of benefits with this exercise, from outstanding strengthening of your glutes, to nice core activation – as well as a lot of calories being burned!

9. Side plank


Let’s no forget the neglected area of the body – our sides! This section can be trained really well with this exercise. Hit those muscles on the side of your body with some planking and you’ll be very aware of where they are in the days to follow.

10. Mishy makers


Just the name itself alludes to how powerful these bad boys are! They’ll work your muscles and improve stability, too.

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