Can I Do 12WBT if I Am Going on Holidays?

We get asked a lot – “Is it possible to do the 12WBT if you are going away on holiday during the 12 weeks?” Yes, you DEFINITELY can! Here are our top tips to make sure 12WBT works for you while you’re away.

  • Our new mobile site means it’s super easy to do 12WBT on the go. You can watch Mindset Videos, read your Plans and organise your week from anywhere – the bus, the train, or even from bed before the lights go out.
  • If you won’t have internet access we recommend printing off a previous week’s Nutrition Plan, Exercise Plan and Shopping List and doing that week again.
  • No kitchen, no worries – make some smart food choices and monitor portion sizes and your alcohol intake and you’ll be fine! Trust me, the 12WBT gives you the tools to do this like a pro.
  • If you are travelling and pushed for space (both in your luggage and in your hotel room!) pack a pair of trainers and a skipping rope. Skipping is great for getting your heart rate up and burning calories. You could also do some body weight exercises like push-ups and squats!
  • Do as much walking as you can each day. Sightseeing is the perfect way to fit this activity in. Lots of cities have cycle tours which are also a great way to get to know a city and exercise.
  • Take your trainers and an exercise DVD away on holidays with you or use the hotel gym to stay active.
  • With the 12WBT Support Crew, you have a whole TEAM of experts to help you stay on track whenever you need a helping hand.

Problem solved! See, you have no excuse not to do 12WBT. Look at it this way – keep up with 12WBT when you’re away and you’ll avoid coming home with any excess luggage!

What are you waiting for? Register your interest or sign up to 12WBT today!

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