Every Question You’ve Ever Had About Getting Lean And Strong, Answered

Lean and Strong is a 12WBT weight training focused program. It is not designed for the purpose of ‘weight loss’, but to change your overall body composition, to show more lean tissue as you build muscle. This in turn helps to reduce body fat over time. You’ll also commit to a Lean and Strong meal plan that incorporates yummy 12WBT meals and recipes for the purpose of getting lean and building that muscle. Sound good? Let’s chat more below!


What is Lean and Strong?

This program is ideal for people that are already close to their goal weight. You’re looking to create better shape and muscle definition, better posture and stronger joints/bones. You’ll work specifically on strength while reducing your body fat percentage. This varies to a ‘true’ weight loss program because building muscle is the primary goal (instead of the aim to burn as many calories as possible during a workout).

Weight training is different from that of a cardio/fitness style workout. You’re lifting for the majority of your sessions and resting between sets to help you achieve your next set at maximum capacity and effort. As you move through the program each week, you’ll progress through the phases of building strength. 

Do we weigh in on the program? 

Lean and Strong has been designed to build muscle, create shape and really ‘tighten’ up your physique. So what you see on the scales can be very unreliable as a form of marking your progress. 

Muscle is significantly heavier/denser than body fat, so in most cases, people tend to gain on the scales at first. For this reason, measurements and how your clothes fit are both excellent ways to highlight that you are actually losing body fat and changing physically in the most amazing way!

*include B/A of lean and stronger* 

Can I combine the workouts with cardio? 

This is such a common question and many people are terrified of dropping their vigorous cardio routine. In short… we do not recommend that you add in any extra cardio to that which is already on the program. There are already elected days where you get the opportunity to blast out more ‘fitness’ style exercises.

Falling into the trap of adding in extra cardio while you are trying to build muscle can be detrimental to your progress. The aim is to maximise your potential to develop muscle, and cardio can have the opposite effect on muscle mass. Cardio can also hinder your recovery time between weight training sessions. This is not ideal when you are aiming to get the most out of your resistance training workouts and feeling fresh when you start them again. 

Do I need to follow the order of the exercises, or can I mix it up?

It’s important to do your best to follow the structure of the workouts. If you feel that you are going to have issues accessing certain pieces of equipment, you can check in the Exercise Index for an alternative exercise for the same muscle group to use instead.

Do I need the rest between sets?

Yes! If you are not lifting to the point where your last few reps are challenging, consider increasing the weight or slowing down your rep speed. In doing so, you will definitely feel the need for that rest period!

Why are my measurements going up in some areas and down in others?

This is perfect! You are working on changing your shape, so with the additional muscle over time, this 100% will affect how your measurements read. 

Even a tiny bit of growth in your upper body (as your shoulder/arms firm up and your posture improved) can make clothes feel tighter at first. But if you trust the process and stick to the program, your body fat percentage will lower to a point where it’s all muscle. Things will be feeling looser than they were and you feel good about how you’re looking.  

Do I need lots of equipment?

Ideally, you will need a small set up to get started. But there are plenty of options to train at home with minimal equipment and you can build on your gym as you go. You always have the option to change the version of an exercise to match with what you have access to. Even bodyweight exercises are tough enough in some cases!

I have a lot of weight to lose, is this program for me?

We do recommend that you follow a weight loss program if that is your priority at first. But there are some people that simply cannot stick to that style of training and get bored with it. If you already LOVE weight training (or feel like you WILL) and can be diligent with your nutrition etc, then you might be the exception! Where this style of training means you’re more likely to be consistent with it, vs more cardio-style workouts.

So there you have it! These are our most common enquiries into our Lean and Strong program, answered. If you feel like you’re ready to take on this program then head on over to and commit to your 12-week transformation, today!

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