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7 Ways To Maximise Your Calorie Burn

What’s the hardest part when working out? Simply “turning up” is the most common answer we hear at 12WBT. So, we say, if you’ve turned up and made it to the start, you may as well do that workout and do it well. This means making your session work as hard as possible and knowing how to maximise your calorie burn! 

It’s perfectly ok to spend all day sweatin’ it out if that’s your jam – or maybe it’s food for your soul to be hanging with your gym buds – but if you’re looking to optimise your calorie burn these 7 tips will fast-track your hard work!

Increase your Lean Muscle Mass

Pfft! Like you didn’t already know!? ‘Muscles burn more calories at rest than fat’ has been a catchphrase for years now. And for good reason. Look forward to some serious shape-shifting by swapping your steady-state cardio marathon for explosive action instead! 

Add resistance then lift, squeeze, throw, pump, swing, push or pull yourself to a stronger, leaner, calorie-incinerating version of your former self!

Give Blood

Okaaaay, you might not have seen this one coming. However, if you’re healthy, willing and able, in addition to helping to SAVE LIVES, donating blood can burn around 650cals! Plus you get complimentary snacks, so this is basically a triple win (just try not to eat those calories back with the bikkies on offer!!).  

Pick the Perfect Playlist

…for YOU! And I say that as I am fully aware that silence is the preferred choice for many when exercising. But, it might be handy to know that the effect of music tempo while exercising results in higher than expected levels of endurance, power, productivity and strength. Put simply, it can make you work harder without realising it, thereby boosting your calorie burn. RESULT!

Chill Baby, Chill

When the mercury drops your body works hard to keep you warm, burning up more calories in the process. Theoretically then, what effect would plunging your near-naked body into a -100 degree Celsius to -140 degree Celsius chamber do? Die-hard fans are shouting the many benefits of Cryotherapy, with impressive calorie burns per sesh being just one of those. So why not g-g-give i-it a go?


Consumed prior to working out, coffee has been shown to increase your exertion levels during exercise, and increased exertion equals a greater calorie burn. WIN! 

While sleep-deprived parents may be tempted to IV-drip their liquid gold, we recommend consuming in moderation for a balanced, healthy approach. 

Seek Inspo

Food, fashion, appearance, holidays or events – inspo is everywhere! Individuality means that what inspires you may not be what anyone else gets their kicks from, and this MATTER’S NOT! If something – anything – motivates you to ‘up the ante’ in your workouts and go further with your calorie burn, harness that realisation and go bananas!

Be the Boss of You

Mediocrity can be where plateaus and sticky calories congregate. Shift the status quo by going up a mindset gear and giving your body the directive to follow. Sometimes we forget we are the BOSS. So remember who you are, step into your power and chase that burn!

Visit us here to learn more about our 12WBT exercise and meal plans, and to kickstart your health and fitness journey.

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