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Hello there! I’m Tim, AKA Fit Tim, as there are three Tim’s here at 12WBT HQ!  I’ve recently joined the 12WBT Family as the new Fitness Lead, which I am uber excited about. Part of the deal is that I get to blog about my favorite topic in the whooooooole world – health and fitness! 

Fit Tim and Michelle!I’ve been working in the health and fitness industry for the past 17 years as a Personal Trainer, a Functional Diagnostics Nutritionist and a Holistic Life Coach. I’ve worked with a huge range of clients from famous actors to Miss Universe contestants, but my main clientele were all the SUPER mums out there that are juggling a family, a career, a life and of course their health.


I’m going to tell you the first thing I tell them – health and fitness are the basis from which your life grows.  Regardless of your financial position, social status or title, if you have poor health and fitness then you will NOT have the energy to do all the fun things in life like give plenty of time, love and attention to your kids, advance your career, start a business or do anything on the weekend besides flop on the couch exhausted from the jam-packed filled week.

No matter what your passion or love is, you cannot pursue it if you have next-to-no energy. At the last Finale Michelle was approached by a man who came to her with tears in his eyes thanking her for “giving his wife back”. The 12 Week Body Transformation had not only helped them both lose the weight, but helped them to start living, rather than just existing. They now have the energy to talk, joke, laugh and have sex – way too much info I know!

This couple were overworked, overweight with no energy left for each other at the end of their working week. This common pattern of trying to get ahead financially had them seemingly locked in a downward spiral, that left them with no energy to enjoy each others company, do fun things on weekends or exercise.

After hearing this story I nearly started crying  and I’m a really macho man too! So for everyone else reading this I’m sure you’ve got a very busy life, but if you want one with MORE joy and happiness then you’re going to need MORE ENERGY!

The 12WBT can help you reclaim your energy and put you back in the driver’s seat of life! To find out how tens of thousands of 12WBT members have done exactly that, check out

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  1. OK…I have never ever ran before as I have always blamed my weight that I am too heavy and it would kill my knees…I also have osteoarthritis in both knees, but that is not going to stop me…two days ago I jogged very slowly 3 power pole lengths…yey u see I can run…I do need to be careful as 3 yrs ago I had open heart surgery with a Mitral valve replacement and reconstruction of the heart….so I know I need to build it gradually but hey I power walked 5kms today was a drenched rat at the end and only used my puffer once!….I cant afford the gym so how do I do the weight things? Also thought about trying to invest in Michelle’s workout DVD’s….do you think they will help, would I be able to do them 🙂

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