What Is NEAT And Why Is It So Important For Weightloss?

NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) refers to the energy expended during moments when we are not exercising, or when we are resting/sleeping.

The amount of calories that can be burned through NEAT over the course of the day varies greatly and depends completely on the amount of movement that you perform. But let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of some serious extra-calories lost!

There is a big difference between different individuals NEAT

Just think about someone working on their feet for 8 hours a day vs someone that works at a desk with very little standing or movement in their day.

Some people believe that by staying consistent with their scheduled exercise routine they can omit the need to care or consider the rest of their day, and the NEAT they are missing out on.  Yet, there are comparisons between individuals who are at the same stage of their weight loss journey with different levels of NEAT, whose results are very different as they progress. Alongside overall nutrition and applied effort with training, how much NEAT someone gets on a daily basis can add up to an impressive number of calories burned in total.

As a nifty weight-loss boosting tool, there are so many ways to incorporate NEAT into your routine.  If you’re someone that struggles to dedicate the time needed to exercise, why not use each and every opportunity to engage in NEAT as best you can?

Here are some easy examples of activities to try:

  •       Cleaning the house
  •       Outings that involve physical movement
  •       Moving about while sitting down
  •      Move around while chatting on the phone
  •      Walk to places whenever possible
  •      Use a stand-up desk
  •      Take short walks between work tasks
  •      Tap your foot while stuck in traffic
  •      Dancing
  •      Carry a basket while shopping instead of using a trolley
  •      Take the stairs
  •      Take the dog for a walk
  •      Mowing the lawn

These are just a small number of an enormous range of day-to-day opportunities to engage in NEAT. Proven to enhance weight loss results, get down to business with NEAT today!

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