Do You Need To Join A Gym Or Buy Equipment To Do 12WBT?

Reviewed by: Tim Pittorino, BHSC 

Great news! It’s NOT necessary to join a gym or purchase stacks of expensive equipment to follow a round of 12WBT. This is one of the most incredible parts of our Program!

Most of our workout plans have 4 different exercise locations to choose from; gym classes, gym machines, at home and outdoors. Meaning, you have total control over where you train, type of workout you’re doing and what equipment you use.

If you’re a homebody that prefers to do your training from the comfort of your living room, wearing mismatched workout gear and bed-hair… no problem! And if you like to use the gym, we have exercises that use the provided gym equipment and focus on group exercise classes. Or, if you are the kind of person that likes to feel the wind on your face as you sweat-out an amazing session… we have you covered with outdoor training too!


Training at home

If you choose to train at home, you can either follow our online workout videos or follow your daily workout. By logging onto the 12WBT site to view workout videos which require either very minimal equipment or body-weight exercises. This option is super popular with our 12WBT members! It’s easier for 12wbters with young children, are time poor, or those that are a little gym-nervous.

Some basic equipment, such as resistance bands, weights (or even drink bottles and a backpack as an alternative to dumbbells and barbells) can be used for at-home training. If you choose our Lean and Strong Program, we do recommend a little more of a range e.g. a few sizes of varied weights, a portable step and resistance bands.

You can use the 12WBT Exercise Index to search for alternatives to any of the exercises. If you need or want to switch it up, try a different version of an exercise, or go equipment-free.

iPhone users can download our free 12WBT App, which features an interactive player that takes you through your workouts and includes tips and tricks to keep you on the right track. It also gives you the option to log all of your exercise, nutrition, hydration, sleep and mindset.

A final recommendation is a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) to keep track of how many calories burnt during your workouts.

Aside from this brief introduction, during 12WBT Pre-Season, we provide a full rundown of everything you will need (or don’t need) ahead of your round. Plus, our Support Crew is always on hand to guide you through. You’ll be well and truly looked after for a fantastic 12WBT experience!

Come join us!

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