No Time To Workout? 3 Ways To Find More Time!

Life is busy and I’m sure for many of us, we get to the end of the day and wonder where the time went! Finding the time to do all of the things that we want can be a challenge. So there’s no wonder this can become even more frustrating when we have set goals that require the time to exercise, and it feels like we have no time to workout.

Having health or weight loss goals is amazing, and exercising itself should also be a part of a generally healthy lifestyle. So how can we tweak some of our time to allocate the necessary gaps required to fit our workout in?

Maximise Opportunities To Move

Why not try running or walking to work, or while doing errands. This can massively increase your activity level, your calorie burn and hit two tasks at once. If getting to the gym is tough for you time-wise, why not train at home. Contrary to what some may think, working out at home can be a fantastic avenue to get creative and mix things up. Equipment isn’t always necessary and not having to leave the house can motivate you to get a short workout done, rather than making the ‘time’ excuse to avoid working out entirely. Home workouts can really help with consistency and commitment!

Prepare For Success

While this might seem like an obvious point, how many of us wing it, tackle things momentarily and get caught out by not having things in order? Prepare your day as much as you can the night before. If you have little ones, maybe get them in on the fun too, with some of their own mini-jobs to help with. Perhaps evening family time could be partly joining forces to help each other out with the meals, bath time and tidy, organising clothes for the next day and making sure that bags are packed. By making these time-saving preparations, you’ll be able to spot gaps in your schedule that could be allocated to working out. 

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Cut Back On Screen Time

Focusing on creating ‘impossible’ extra hours in the day can fall by the wayside when our default is to spend time on areas that are alluring but bring no real health value. Maybe try keeping a log of time spent on the computer/phone/tablet/iPad that wasn’t productive. Or, log additional TV time that you feel could be compromised on. Unwinding after a long day is important and can be a great self-care tool, but is there room for you to switch out a little technology time for some exercise instead? Even 10 minutes can help! Getting the balance right here can be way more beneficial to your wellbeing and sometimes, it’s just a little tweak that’s needed.


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