How To Prolong The Life Of Your Activewear

If you’re like me, you luuuuuurve your activewear. The look, fit and feel of it gives you confidence and improves your ability to run, jump and jive to whatever fitness activity you love. Your activewear is really important to you, so you want it to last! But just how do you get your activewear to last the distance?

1:  Always wash on a delicate cycle and use laundry washing bags

While activewear should be built tough to withstand the strains of your physical activity, being whirled around in a washing machine is going to wear your fave leggings and tops out FAST.  The solution? Use a delicate cycle and use washings bags to reduce the impact of the washing machine on your gear.  

2: Always wash activewear straight away

Sweat doesn’t just stink, it also strips away at your fabric fibres, literally rotting your fave fabric. In order to stop the stink getting stuck and your fabric fibres wasting away faster than you can say ‘peeeeeoooo’, be SURE to wash your workout wear right after your training session.  If that’s not possible, soak ‘em in cold water and a dash of vinegar as soon as you strip them off to keep the smell from building up and knock out any potential stains. 

3: Don’t use fabric softener

Fabric softener can degrade the sweat-wicking properties of your activewear. If you forget and add some in, just give your leggings an extra wash in cold water afterwards!

4: Wash like colours together

Just like your non-activewear, washing like colours together means you won’t end up with light fluff sticking to your darks and creating the dreaded fuzzy fade effect. Equally, keeping darks dark and lights bright by separating them before you put them through the wash avoids your tighty whiteys going grey. Separate the colours and every side wins!

5: Always drip dry out of the direct sun

You want the colours of your activewear to be as vibrant as the day you bought them, right? So hang ‘em up out of the direct sunlight and those colours will keep popping for a lot longer. Also avoid dumping your gear in a dryer, as the excessive heat will perish the fabric faster than if you just allow them to air dry naturally.

There you go! These simple tips will increase the lifespan of your activewear and have you rocking your favourite tights for years to come! 

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