Socialise Via Exercise And Talk Your Way To Good Fitness

Social Media platforms are great for sharing special moments and keeping in contact with family and friends. However, just like everything in life, it can easily be used excessively. For example, messaging your partner to turn off the lights while you’re laying in bed… #guilty. Instead of having a text-a-thon with your friend, I say let’s socialise old school, and talk face to face. Or one better – walk while you talk! 


Walking is the world’s most EFFECTIVE exercise for weight loss. 

Because everyone can do it, at any time, for hours at a time, with zero equipment needed! Walking in the sunshine also enhances your happy hormones by giving you a hit of vitamin D. If you’re needing to alleviate stress, there’s really nothing better than an endorphin-filled chat to put yourself more at ease. You just can’t socialise the same while sitting in front of the TV!


Also great options:

Walking is my no.1 go-to for infusing exercise with socialising, but I also love doing strength training with my best mate. Once a week we meet at the gym to lift the heaviest weights as our ageing bodies can handle. Just so we can advantage of the looooong recovery times in between sets to catch up on anything and everything! If you’re a chatterbox like me, just lift heavier weights so that you earn the full 2-3 minutes rest in between each set.

Another awesome way to incorporate socialisation while exercising is a social sport competition. Notice I said a ‘social’ competition and not a ‘frustrated 20-year-old ego in a 45-year-year-old body’ competition? Too often I see people competing in a social sport like their entire existence and self-worth depends on winning – no thanks!


With ill-health generally on the rise, I think it’s more important than ever to make ALL sport and exercise a fun, all-inviting and enjoyable experience. Socialising while exercising is a great way to make this happen, and both are essential to human health and happiness. Walking is usually the easiest to organise, weights will have the most bang for buck benefits and friendly social sport will likely be the most fun! Choose whatever suits your timetable, emotional needs and fitness goals…happy social exercising folks!

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