5 Ways to Say ‘See Ya’ to Stress At Work

Whatever your job, chances are you’ve experienced stress at work. In fact, a Stress Poll by Lifeline revealed that 77% of Aussie experience stress because of work. We’ve got 5 ways to help you beat workplace stress, and stay healthier in mind and body.

1. Get moving

Just because you’re at your desk doesn’t mean you can’t get up and move. At 12WBT HQ we have group stretching sessions every couple of days to help the stiffness that can come with lengthy stints at the computer.

Try to get up and out of your chair when possible – walk to another colleague’s desk instead of sending an email, or suggest a walking meeting or brainstorm to get your body moving and fresh air into your lungs.

2. Choose the right snacks

With looming deadlines or a big meeting with your boss, it’s easy to reach for the biscuit tin to calm your nerves. Stop!

Eating a balanced, nutritious diet is important to keeping your body and mind on track. Pack a healthy lunch each day and load up your desk drawer or fridge with tasty snacks you can reach for when the 3pm munchies creep up – think air-popped popcorn, a piece of fruit, a tub of yoghurt, or some rice crackers or pretzels (just keep a check on how many you’re popping in!).

Stay hydrated, too: keeping a big bottle of water on your desk will make you more likely to reach for it.

3. Work out with colleagues

We love our Wednesday Hump Day workouts at 12WBT HQ: it’s a great chance for us to be social, have fun and get a good workout outdoors.

Get your co-workers together and join a social sporting team (we have a killer netball team that get together once a week in the local lunch-time league), create a running group at lunch or even some power-walking buddies – it all adds up.

4. Take time out

Staring at a computer screen all day can not only wreak havoc on your body, but also your mind. Try an app like Pomodoro that will alert you to take regular breaks so you can reset your concentration levels.

Learn some simple breathing techniques that you can use at your desk when you need to calm yourself. Don’t know where to start? Try this five-minute meditation for beginners by guest blogger Rachael Coopes.

5. Strike a work-life balance

If you’re an evening exerciser, try committing to going for a run or doing a gym class at a particular time, so you’ve got a reason to dash out the door.

If you’ve got work email notifications popping up on your phone all night long, then it’s time to turn those bad boys off!

And while you’re at it, think about whether you’re an avid work-email-checker when you’re spending quality time with family and friends. If so, STOP!

Make a conscious effort to put down your phone and pick up on some great convos with those who matter most. It won’t work for all jobs, but would working from home one day a week work for you? If so, don’t instantly rule it out – think about what some of the benefits might be and have a chat with your boss. You won’t know if you don’t ask.

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