Self Care Tips For Body, Mind and Soul

Reviewed by:  Lisa Donaldson, APD, M.Nutr&Diet, B.Edu

How many times have you come home from work feeling defeated? Or life just feels like it’s punishing you? Rather than crumble and fall into negative old habits, it’s important to prioritise your well being and develop coping strategies and ways to get you in a zen, and stress-free mode.

Self Care To Get You Through The Week

  1. Workout

    Mishy Makers

Well, it wouldn’t be a 12WBT post without starting with a fitness post. Commit to a daily fitness routine that prioritises your mental well being. Do it because you enjoy it, not simply trying to get results.

  1. Spend time with animals


I’m not suggesting you go adopt a pet simply for this purpose, but if you have a pet, or you have friends with a pet, spend some time hanging out together without distractions. The connection with animals is so powerful that Promises Treatment Centre advocates pets as they trigger the stress reducing hormone oxytocin and lower stress-inducing hormone cortisol. Time to go hug a cat I think.

  1. Disconnect

    Werribee Walks

This one is a tricky one for most of us. But if you’re feeling on edge, the best thing you can do is step away from all technology. Put your phone on silent – everything can wait. It’s a great habit to get into where, when you get home, you give yourself at least an hour technology free.

4. Find a hobby or activity


Reading, sewing, painting – it’ll give you a great sense of accomplishment and you’ll distract yourself from all your worries

5. Have a hot shower or a long bath


Indulge with some nice oils, a candle. Follow it with a pamper session like a face mask

6. Change your sheets


Feeling frazzled? Change your sheets. Nothing like fresh linen to help you relax

7. Meditation


Not for everyone, but if you can find time to calm your mind, everything will fall into place

8. Write down all the feels


Writing down your feelings or daily journaling will help you connect with how you really feel and help you identify triggers for emotional disruption

9. Sleep


If all else fails, get a good night sleep. Tomorrow is a new day.
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