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My 4 Top Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

How long has it been since you’ve done a deep dive into your kitchen cupboards? 

Being conscious of what’s in your kitchen is one of the foundations for success in weight loss and ongoing good health.  In fact, all 12WBT members starting a round must complete a Pre-Season Task called “Kitchen Makeover”. It’s such a powerful predictor of success in the program! Being clear on what you have, getting rid of what is unhelpful and stocking up on what will support you means you are being mindful of your choices. You are then less likely to binge on excessive calories that will counter your health goals.


Start by being systematic 

Go through your entire pantry, plus your freezer and fridge.  Anything that is past its use-by date, needs to go. Products that have been opened and gone stale, mouldy or become mummified should get the flick.  Foods that aren’t helpful to your health, like processed snacks or those shortbread biscuits your Aunty Joan makes, can get given away. Check out the food donation charities listed at GiveNow or perhaps donate the cash value of the food disposed of, to Foodbank Australia.

Stock up on the stuff of SUCCESS

Restock your kitchen staples and long-lasting foods that can easily be put together to make the basis of a meal.  Things like wholemeal pasta, brown rice, jars of passata, tinned tomatoes and so on. Replenish your freezer stores cuts of meat that you find on special and frozen vegetables. Be sure to have eggs and other dairies (or dairy equivalents) in your fridge, and just enough fresh veggies and meats for the week or so, so nothing goes to waste.

Shop smart 

This is how you ensure that you buy only what you need and don’t end up wasting a whole bunch of food.  Plan your meals for the week, including the bulk meals that you intend to make and freeze portions of. Write a shopping list, don’t shop on an empty stomach and then ONLY shop for what you need. You’ll be saving yourself money and the hassle of cleaning up the mess in the fridge from spoiled food. 

SNIP TIP: Spring clean in every season! 

Remember spring cleaning the kitchen doesn’t just have to happen in spring! Those who are successful in their weight loss and health journeys schedule regular cleans of their kitchens. Spring clean to support yourself in reaching and maintaining your goals, and then enjoy reaping the rewards!

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