Here’s Exactly What to Say to Your Saboteurs

Reviewed by: Erica Grandjean, APD, BNutr&Diet

Saboteurs – we all know one. They’re the well-meaning bestie who baulks at your new weight loss plan, reassuring you that “you don’t need to lose weight!”

They’re the partner who insists on filling your plate to the brim, or the family friend who forces you into another slice.

On the surface they mean well, but the outcome is the same – they’re trying to sabotage your efforts. If they’re successful, you’ll cave in and abandon that workout, or agree to the extra slice.

It’s a method of control for saboteurs: they feel uneasy about your newfound resolve, and the possibility that it may change you, and thus your dynamic with them.

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Don’t let this behaviour set you back. Use these comeback lines whenever you hear the following:

“You don’t need to lose weight!”

How to respond: This is important to me and my long-term wellbeing. It will also make our relationship a lot stronger, too, because I will be stronger and happier!

“But losing weight can be dangerous!”

How to respond: Don’t worry, I’ve done the research and found a proper plan that works for me.

“You look great just as you are!”

How to respond: Thank you! However this is about my long-term health and wellbeing.

“But you won’t be any fun anymore!”

How to respond: But I’ll be happier and more energetic, and isn’t that more fun?!

“Go on – just one more slice!”

How to respond: No thank you. I really enjoyed what I had and now I’m full.

“That serving is way too small – have some more!”

How to respond: Thanks, but this serving is perfect for me.

“Just one won’t hurt!”

How to respond: This is a trigger for me, so it’s important I don’t have any.  I will treat myself when it’s right for me.

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