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The internal (psychological) factors for successful weight loss

So, you are considering embarking on a 12 week weight loss challenge and you are curious… how much weight will you be able to lose? Before setting your 12 week weight loss goals, there are a few realistic factors to consider:


If your current weight is close to or within the healthy weight range, weight loss can be a bit slow and/or stubborn. However, if you are overweight and you’ve been eating unhealthy foods and not exercising (long term), weight loss will be more rapid. For many people, it’s the last five kilos that cause the most angst.


If you’ve been a yo-yo dieter and dropped weight quickly in the past and promptly regained it, you may find that your body will resist any sudden change. If the body has experienced any ‘famine’ like state, it will be prepared to defend the body and hold onto those ‘precious’ famine-fighting fat stores.


Some of us are predisposed to have a bigger frame and others are ‘finer’. Acknowledge your ‘body type’, and embrace it before embarking on your weight loss journey.

The mindset of someone who really takes things to the next level is that they don’t see any reason they can’t have that success and start DOING what it takes to get there. They pick up the phone and get to work. They don’t believe talent is what it’s all about. It’s effort, persistence, grit, and so on. In short, don’t limit your potential for awesomeness like so many others do.

We can either wake up each morning, already believing that everything is too hard. Or we can wake up and see each day as an opportunity to make positive changes and to learn from any experiences where we feel we could have done things a little differently. Rather than asking yourself, “What if I don’t succeed?” Instead ask, “What if I never START?”

If your goal is long term weight loss (we’re talking decades, not weeks or months) then you’re in the right mindset. Everyone can reach their goal weight with a sustained, lifestyle approach. It’s all about learning and really understanding good dietary, fitness and lifestyle choices. It’s about understanding the triggers that shape bad habits, kicking them to the curb and building better ones that you can practice for the rest of your life. You’ll see that nutrition isn’t rocket science, that five-minute fitness can change your life and that a strong mindset will set you up for the most success.

You can now start Michelle Bridges’ 12WBT on the first Monday of each month. The next round of 12WBT commences on 1 November, 2021. Head to www.12wbt.com to join.

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