10 Healthy Habits To Put In Place At Any Age

If you feel like you’re stuck in your ways and looking to adopt some healthy habits as you enter a new decade of your life, we’re here to help. Here are 10 healthy habits to put in place at any age!


Good quality sleep plays such an important role in our physical and mental health. It’s vital to get a good amount of sleep. I’m talking anywhere between 7-9 hours if you can! If you feel like you can’t get enough sleep, you can do certain things to help with the quality of sleep you get. A big thing here is putting a sleep routine in place. Have a warm bath or shower to relax, followed by down time such as no screens after eight. Even try having a pre-sleep herbal tea, or use an eye mask when you’ve hopped into bed.

Get Moving 

Let’s get physical, physical! Moving should be a priority as you age. You want to keep using that body as much as you can. Try taking the stairs wherever you can and enjoy movement in the sunshine. Whether it’s a walk in nature, a stroll with the dog, or even adding some daily stretching, keep on moving! If you don’t move it, you’ll lose it!

Nourish Your Body

A good habit to adopt is learning about nutrition! Take time to educate yourself about the kinds of foods that you’re putting in your body, and try to make sure most of it is nutrient dense. This refers to foods that have minerals and vitamins (known as micronutrients) that will help nourish your body and keep you healthy! Eat fruits, vegetables, lean protein, legumes, whole grains, and nuts so that you’re fueled full of the good stuff! Your body and your gut will thank you!

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With life getting so busy, it’s important to slow down once in a while. Getting in touch with your mind can do wonders. Not only does it help mentally and physically, but it can even help you make better decisions, reduce stress, and help with your attention span! If you’re new to the meditation game, there are plenty of apps you can download that will help you on your journey. Pop one on, start with some deep breaths, and find your inner peace.

Get Check Ups

It’s so important to get regular check ups. We’re talking about everything from your blood pressure to your breasts, your skin to your eyes. Book appointments every time you’re at the GP so it’s locked into your diary.


Another good habit to add to your routine is stretching as it helps keep your muscles flexible and healthy. Stretching also helps decrease the risk of injuries as you get older. If you’re looking to get the most out of your stretching, look at investing in a foam roller. This will be beneficial before you stretch right after a workout!

Water Intake 

As you get older, your body temperature changes. It’s important to stay hydrated for many reasons. Not only does it help with food digestion, but it even helps lubricate those joints! You should look at getting at least 8 glasses a day, which is equivalent to about 2 litres. Hot tip, try having your first glass as soon as you get up..yes, we mean BEFORE that morning coffee!

Laugh More 

Laughter really is the best medicine! Smile as much as you can and surround yourself with people who make you giggle. You’ll notice that your mood will be instantly better and you’ll feel less stressed! It doesn’t always need to be laughter with your family or friends. Trying watching, reading or listening to something that’s humorous. We usually get a kick out of funny fail compilations!

Weight Training

We like to say that weight training is the foundation of youth! Lifting weights such as dumbbells can help you get strong, build muscle for joint protection, increase your metabolic rate and control your weight. Don’t be intimated – give it a go and reap the awards!

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Me Time

It’s important to make time for yourself. Try picking up a creative hobby, whether it’s pottery, artwork, embroidery or gardening. Add in some morning or nighttime journaling that involves writing three things you’re grateful for everyday. It can be as simple as your morning coffee, or the sun shining through the window. You’ll be surprised how this helps with your mindset for the day.

These 10 healthy habits can have a positive impact on your mental and physical wellbeing! Start small and pick a few to work on, until you’ve gone down the entire list. This is your life, so make it the best you can!

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