How to Grocery Shop like a Champion

Ever go to the shops to pick up a $3 loaf of wholegrain bread and come home with a heap of items you had no intention of buying? Not to mention a receipt worth at least twenty times more than the bread… yes? Me too! So, let’s look at ways you can do a healthy and focused food shop without breaking the bank account!

Prepare a Shopping List

Research has shown that the average shopper spends 40% more at the checkout if they have not prepared a shopping list. Go in with a plan! Check what you have in the fridge and pantry before you head off and build your list from there. If you are doing 12WBT, then we’ve already done that job for you with our Shopping Lists. So, stick to the list.

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Shop the Perimeter

Most of the wholefoods and fresh produce is located around the perimeter of the store. So avoid the aisles and stick to the outside where you can. Be aware that marketers notice people use this strategy, so don’t be lured to the items they put at the end of the aisles to catch your eye on the perimeter! You don’t really need those 2-for-1 pizza flavoured biscuits or those half price chocolate coated muesli bars now, do you?

Buy Seasonal

Seasonal fruit and veg is usually in abundance and thus, cheaper! So where you can, shop seasonal. We try to make all our 12WBT menus seasonal to help you buy seasonally and save money. Better still, the local farmer’s markets will have delicious produce at a great price too. So investigate if some local growers are close by!

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Buy in Bulk

If you see a decent special, buy up! Non perishable foods like tinned tomatoes, packaged nuts, frozen vegies, brown rice, oats, tins of salmon and tuna, wholemeal pasta and even toilet paper are worth buying when they are on special.

Don’t go Shopping when Hungry!

Shopping when hungry can lead to impulse buying of foods you can eat immediately. No dramas if you opt for a banana, but odds are, you are likely to be tempted by a chocolate bar, a packet of chips, or a heavily processed ‘protein bar’ instead. So, plan a shopping trip to immediately follow meal time.

So, if you are smart about your shopping you can not only save money but you can also avoid ‘impulse buys’. Prepare your list and head in after you’ve had a meal or snack. Shop the perimeter first and make a mad dash to any other items as required.

Happy shopping!

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