Your Plan for a Healthy Road Trip

Road tripping can be tough. For some it’s a battle of boredom… and for others, it’s a battle of keeping the backseat bandits from throwing a tantrum and keeping the driver alert. To ensure everyone happy on the road, some organisation and preparation is key. That not only means some planned stops to stretch the legs and to have a play, but to also have some healthy food on hand so that the old ‘drive through’ doesn’t dominate the meal choices.

Let’s look at ways to keep everyone happy and nourished!


Let’s be honest, snacks are the joy of any road trip. Little morsels of deliciousness that can be eaten easily and without too much drip or mess. Here are some terrific options that are not only tasty, but nourishing too!

  • Homemade Snickers – 1 medjool date with an almond stuffed inside
  • Fresh fruit (grapes and mandarins are perfect ‘no drip’ hand fruit)
  • Vegetable sticks and hummus
  • Squeezy yoghurts (keep in cooler bag/esky)

Sambos & Salads

Packing a small esky or some cooler bags is the way to go. Freeze some water bottles and vegetable juice ‘poppas’ for a cool drink and to act as ice blocks. You can easily make wraps, sandwiches or salads out of the following combinations.

  • Wholegrain wraps/bread/corn cakes
  • Pre-washed salad mix
  • Pre-cooked chicken/tins of tuna/hard boiled eggs/ 4 bean mix
  • Cucumbers, tomatoes and an avocado
  • Hummus, seeded mustard or salsa

Tasty Extras

Don’t forget to stop every few hours so that the driver can stretch their legs and refresh. If you have little ones, allow them opportunities to run around and explore. It’s important that everyone has time to get out of the car and get some fresh air… For safety and sanity!

Stay safe out there on the roads… and plan, prep and pack well ahead of the journey.



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