Candice’s 12WBT Success: Learning To Love Cooking At Home

For some of our 12WBT members, success is running a marathon or losing 20 kg. But for most, achievements are subtle and lie in the little things. But what our members first notice as ‘here and there’ changes, eventually stack up and become nothing short of a total lifestyle transformation. This is the true secret of the 12WBT program, and Candice is one of our members who made this happen. We chatted to Candice about her experience since joining the 12WBT in 2015, how she learned to love cooking and became a full-blown food Instagrammer in the process. Yep, you heard us!

What are some achievements you’re proud of that are a result of being on 12WBT? 

Where to start! When I did my first round in 2015 and I was pushing the 80kg mark. I was so unhappy, lacking in confidence, and confused about what I should do to change. I’m now down to around 67kg, so that coupled with improved strength & fitness, vastly improved mental health and much healthier eating & cooking habits, I have changed my life completely. 



I’m mentally stronger, kinder to myself and more motivated because of this program. I’ve learned so much about topics such as snacks, hunger, drinking, hormones, planning ahead. Getting into a healthy habit of planning and shopping has added (mental) calmness around achieving my weight-loss goals and allowed me to have a bit more clarity on how I need to approach my behaviour and patterns as well as staying consistent.

What are some lifestyle changes/new habits you’ve implemented since beginning your 12WBT journey? 

I had never exercised consistently prior to 12WBT. My first round, I committed to doing the workouts as well as Spin class, which I still love, whilst sticking to the nutrition side of the program. That has not only changed my body but also how I deal with stress through exercise. Initially, I was very rigid with the days that I planned meals & shopped. Now with more experience under my belt, I’m learning how to fit the program in with everyday life, and I know if I miss my planned shopping or cooking day, I can still do it another time and stick to the program. 

I’m always improving and bettering my mindset and I realise it’s not always about achieving a quick or ‘set’ number but focusing on consistent positive habits and choices and the results will come. I feel that 12WBT is a lifestyle and a continuous personal learning experience – so I’m happy 12WBT Lifestyle has just come out so I can continue with my journey!

You post on Instagram as @candy_healthy_fit. How did this 12WBT foodie page come about? What motivates you to post?




I love, love, love food! I never really cooked consistently (or well) until I started 12WBT. But I fell in love, and because I work in the creative field (and I like pretty pictures), I wanted to start posting to keep me excited and motivated about my food. I previously worked in a hotel, and every lunch I would sit with friends/colleagues in the staff lunch area and everyone would get excited and ask, ‘What’s for lunch today!’…so posting on Instagram is just a continuation of that!

What would you say to 12WBTer’s just starting out on their journey?

12WBT has truly changed my life. Not only on a physical level, but very much on an emotional level too. It has set me free, allowed me to change my thinking and behaviours and has been a support in bettering myself both physically and mentally. I have also been on the program through some tough family times, and the pattern and consistency of the program very much helped me go through those times, staying physically and mentally healthy.  

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