Here’s How Our February End Of Round Winners Transformed Their Lives

Every round we are ASTOUNDED at the efforts of all 12WBT participants, and February 2019 was no different! This round we saw some amazing triumphs of will, mental happiness, family life, self love and physical changes. We asked our end of round winners about their transformations and how they’re working towards slaying their lives.


Michelle Jackson


My body looks and feels amazing! Initially it was the weight loss that was the goal. Now when I look in the mirror and see a stronger and leaner torso, I feel really proud of the effort I have put into changing my eating and exercise habits. I love being organised with my training; scheduled into my week, it is nice to be giving back to me for my own health and sanity. 

I have realised that my mind wants to give up way before my body needs. So now, I push through and listen to my body rather than giving into my head. Socially, I now choose what I want to ingest into my body, whether it be food or alcohol. I no longer feel the pangs of desire for unhealthy habits that I had attached to feeling a certain way. My self esteem is soaring and I walk with confidence knowing that I look healthy whilst enjoying the energy to do whatever I want. 

I changed my cheat meal to a Friday night. One it fits in better after a long week at work and two it takes the pressure off weigh in day on Wednesday. Tighten up Tuesday was a great tip from the program where those things I normally continued consuming like coffee, I cut out for a day. It made me feel stronger and like I was in control.”


Christina Adams


My main achievements would have to be the weight loss and cm but I am just overall proud of everything. My health has improved, my fitness levels are better and I have new goals set to further my journey. 

It has pushed me to challenge myself in other areas, and to use what I’ve learned to accomplish other big goals. I have also learnt over the 12 weeks and strongly believe in paying full attention to what is going on in my mind and to listen to it, moment by moment, and without judging. I find with this, I can deal with situations more calmly and rationally and through talking out any worries/hardships.’

Kim Bourke

Kim Transformed

I’m so proud that I was able to maintain my breastmilk supply. Breastfeeding is so important to me and not only have I lost 33cm Total Loss, 7.6kgs and 5% body fat (along with lifting double the weight I started at) but I have continued to nourish my baby with the best supply I’ve had for any of my 3 kids. Chasing after my kids seems so much easier these days. I love being outdoors playing with them or pushing the pram around. For the first time in 7 years, I can now run 5 kms non stop! 

I’ve overcome my obsession that gyms are only for the lean and strong and realised that they are for everyone wanting to become the best version of themselves, including me! Taking that first step was hard but I’m so glad I did and had the will power to go through heat waves, storms and school holidays with 3 kids. Sometimes I almost gave up but I pushed through knowing I would become a better person, wife, mum at the end of it.

No more takeaway! Cooking is no longer a chore and I look forward to spending time in the kitchen to cook for my family and pack healthier lunch boxes for my kids too! Being organised and doing online shopping, having Woolies home deliver and having our meals planned for the week has meant I’ve had more time to spend with my family or on myself.

With the savings between my PRE 12WBT grocery bill and my 12WBT grocery bill I have rewarded myself along the way with new activewear or outings for our family. Its a great motivational boost and has been something that’s worked well for me.”


Sonia Cook


“Not only was I absolutely super excited about losing 11.6 kgs but the cms around my waist, a whooping 18 cms off my stomach alone and a total of 43cms all over. I modified a lot of the exercise as I was recovering from knee surgery but my fitness level has improved so much as well. It’s not only the scales it’s the healthier lifestyle that my entire family now have adopted too. I have so much more energy, I’m much calmer and happier. I FEEL AMAZING! 

I haven’t been in the right headspace for years now. Struggling with my weight, suffering 6 miscarriages before having my 2 gorgeous boys. I felt my last few years have been wasted on fad diets but thankfully I found you Mish, it was a lifestyle change I needed, a new direction, a healthier way of living. I’m now organised, I can focus more on my family, I get up at 5am and exercise so no more Mummy guilt trying to walk out the door to get to the gym as my youngest sobs. My self esteem is boosted as my boys tell me I look nice as I get dressed up.

I loved the preseason when I went back and worked out how much I spent on Take away, OMG I could have gone a family holiday from what I had spent in the last 3 months. I shop every Sunday, prep food and also cook spare meals for the freezer so I never get caught out. I threw away its the weekend I don’t cook on weekend and we would have take out all weekend, I also don’t throw out any food at the end so the week as I follow the list so not wasting good food so I am saving $.

Not quirky but smart thinking as I work for a wine company I didn’t want to drink unwanted calories so I took the sophisticated approach and told them I would be more responsible and use the spittoon instead of drinking the wine. So now I look so much more professional as before there is no way I would waste good wine by spitting it out, I would swallow every sip.”

Desley Warmington


I’m so proud of all of it the weight loss once I could see results after the first week I was so determined to keep pushing. Fitness test has made a stronger person more motivated and focused on my goal, even though I’m not a runner I didn’t give up . Things that I’ve mastered is to focus and not to rush, control the exercise sets. I’ve enjoyed exercising from home in my own space and for doing the app with instructors have kept me moving and motivated so a big hug to you all!

I’m 52 years old this year and I have always put everyone else before me. 12WBT has made me stronger better focused and proud that I pushed myself to do this and mentally tougher. I didn’t give up and are here to see it through to the end. My self esteem has improved as I feel fantastic and I’m loving the look of my body again it’s getting back to the old me. I didn’t have the confidence I felt fat and always wondered what people thought but now I am more confident. Lifestyle change is to keep going with the food as I love how quick and easy the meals are and that it’s fresh food. I’ve already ordered a couple of Michelle’s cookbooks and super excited to get to use them. Have picked up so many alternatives rather than grabbing a bottle of something from the pantry. Exercising I will mix up doing some at home going to the gym and catching back up with the Community booty 4670 girls who I’ve missed.”

Rebecca Fitzgerald


I’ve lost 17.6kg! the equivalent weight of my almost 4yr old! I’ve got so much more energy to play with my kids. My fitness has improved dramatically from not being able to run 200m to running a 5min km. I can also do full body push ups, something I thought I would never master again.

There were a lot of excuses of not being able to exercise because of having 2 young Kids. 12WBT turned that excuse into the reason I needed to exercise. I feel like I can work through the mental challenge of any problem and see how it can become the answer.

Exercising in the morning, sometimes with my son is a great way to start the day. I feel like it’s encouraging great habits for my children. Setting little goals with rewards worked so well. Every big weight loss mark entitled me to a reward of a hair cut or a new pair of shoes. I also made my gym session my opportunity to play my music!

Nicole Peltonen


I never thought I would get so close to my goal weight in such a short period of time. I feel so much better and my pride in myself is stronger than ever. I’ve managed to lose 18 kg which is over 20% weight loss. I have got down to the weight I was when I married my husband 20 years ago. I’ve gone down 3 sizes in clothing and my waist measurement and BMI are now in the healthy range.

The mental achievement that I am most proud of would be how strong my willpower has proven to be. Never in my life have I felt so mentally strong! My self esteem has improved vastly and my family are so proud of me. It is so nice when people acknowledge my hard work and comment on my achievements.

I am now very aware of what I eat and I love my early morning walks with my fur baby. She wakes me at 5 am every morning ready and raring to go. I have thoroughly enjoyed the meals and they have just become part of our lives. The whole family have many favourites to choose from.

One of the things that helped me continue my journey was to keep telling myself the fastest way to the destination is in a straight line. So every time I wanted something naughty I would tell myself this and I would not eat it. I also lived by Michelle’s saying of just frickin do it!! Many a time I told myself this when I felt like giving exercise a miss.”

Charlotte Fay


“I was hopeful that I would lose quite a bit of weight but I totally underestimated how many cm that weight loss would equate to! I lost more than 45cm and so of course I look so much more comfortable in my skin. I intended to really focus in on my fitness test exercises so I could nail the fitness tests and really excel but as the round went on my focus shifted to incorporating maximum movement into every activity and as a result my fitness test results skyrocketed. Now I just love to move!

My whole mindset has shifted, I knew I ate when I was tired and overwhelmed. But as a mum of 4 who works full time I am always tired and overwhelmed. My focus now is on my health and wellness. Instead of that being an additional thing I need to think about in my day. It is just intrinsically a part of everything I do and every decision I make. I’m not perfect but I’m thoroughly enjoying my path to improvement. For me, that means I don’t have blowout hangovers, I hit the pavement instead.

I knew I wanted to ensure my family was learning the healthy habits I was learning. As I am only cooking one meal for dinner each day, they never had a choice! Now we have so many favourite recipes that choosing our meals each week is a family negotiation. And it’s great fun! My kids have favourite Mish workouts and fight to come with me when I head out for a run! 12WBT is a part of our lives. My kids often ask – about food, exercises or advice whether I learnt it from Mish.”

Jasmine Gray


Food preparation is huge. With my busy family and little time to think, I’m more in tune with what should be going into my mouth and my families. My day feels incomplete without my exercise which has surprised me in a really good way. A habit I will definitely keep.

12WBT team, you are life changers. Thank you for the hard work and time each of you have dedicated to this program. I personally feel equipped and ready to be the best version of myself. heading into the future. I know from the posts of others they chorus with me in my gratitude to YOU.


Richelle Woods


So far I have lost 8.7kg and 29cm. I can notice such a difference in my body shape and the way my clothes are hanging on me now. I can even see my toes without my belly getting in the way! I started with a fitness score of 42 and am currently sitting at 62. I have also fallen in love with kickboxing. This even makes me feel confident in tackling any sort of personal safety situation. Thank you so much, I really appreciate this.

Before 12WBT we didn’t plan weekly meals so I was going into Woolies all through the week. Probably spending a lot more money for that matter! Now, my husband and I cook together every night and talk a lot more about our day whilst we cook. It’s brought us a lot closer as well. I also obviously exercise now and the great thing is that I look forward to it. I even dance around the house now which I haven’t done in years. It’s because I feel so much lighter, physically and mentally.

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