Finished a Round? 5 Steps to Keep Kicking Goals

Reviewed by: Erica An, BNutr&Diet, APD 

So you’ve just finished a Round of 12WBT – well done you!! No doubt you have achieved so much throughout your 12 weeks (and I’m not just talking about weight loss results!). Maybe you’ve created new habits like exercising as soon as you wake up, or cooking meals at home every night, or even just ditching the soft drink from your daily diet and opting for water instead?!

So what now you ask? How do you continue to keep achieving new milestones and living as the best version of you, without slipping back to your former (less healthy) self?

Here are 5 steps to ensure you keep kicking goals in the months to come:

Give your brain a short break

After 12 weeks of focus and determination to succeed at 12WBT, there’s no doubt you’re a little tired, right?! Your brain (and willpower!) has been in overdrive, making sure you stick to the program. So now take some time (a few weeks is great) to allow the pressure to ease a little. Continue to carry on your new healthy habits, but allow yourself to relax the reigns a bit. Have an extra day off your exercise one week, or plan a catch up with friends and enjoy one slice of cake. This is NOT an excuse to totally undo your hard work, but rather a chance to start finding a sense of balance.

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Switch up your exercise routine

Hopefully, daily exercise has now become a habit in your life. Whether you love your at-home sessions, or have started training at the local park or gym, try something new. Perhaps add a group fitness class to your routine, or grab a friend or family member and go for weekly jogs to introduce your body to running. Whatever it is, choose something you truly enjoy so it becomes a fun activity that you look forward to! The best thing? Switching up your training will shock your body and promote weight loss and increased fitness!

Shock your tastebuds

You’ve probably now got your 12WT favourite recipes that you cook on repeat, right?! And no doubt you printed out as many recipes as your printer could handle before the round ended! So why not try introducing some new recipes to cook for you and the family. This will ensure you never get bored with your nutrition and your body will love the different variations of flavours.

Keep tracking

Now that you don’t have your Meal and Exercise Plans laid out for you each week, a great way to ensure you don’t totally fall off the bandwagon is to continue tracking your activity and nutrition each day. This can be as simple as jotting down in Notes in your phone what you eat at each meal and what exercise you do, just to keep accountable to the new habits you know you should be sticking to.

Set a new challenge

Ready to challenge yourself again? A lot of 12WBTers want to continue their winning streak by jumping straight back in for more! Why not try a different 12WBT program! There are sooo many to choose from, like Learn to Run, Lean & Strong or even the ½ Marathon Program, and each one will push your body to new heights! Ready to do another round? Learn more now.

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