What motivated our Amazing December End of Round Winners?

Reviewed by: Erica Grandjean, APD, BNutr&Diet

Each Round, we ask our members to nominate both someone they’ve seen go above and beyond in Members Zone, and themselves for their great achievements for an End of Round Award.

We asked each of our winners what quirky trick or hack kept them motivated – and some of the answers might surprise you!


When I can’t push through a workout I say to myself “bikini at the Gold Coast!” which just gets me pumped up. We are heading to the Gold Coast and one of my goals is to get into my dream bikini.

Another trick to stay motivated is that I love to make my meals look super beautiful and tasty, like it has been created in a restaurant. I then put them on Instagram which has helped me as well!


I always lay out my exercise clothes before I go to bed and only give myself 15 minutes to get out of the house to Bootcamp. Just enough time to brush my teeth get dressed and fill my water bottle, otherwise my brain kicks in and starts to complain (I get up at 5am!).

If I feel my resolve weaken I remind myself how much better I will feel when I’ve finished my workout – better in mind body and spirit. I LOVE working out now!


I brought a small brown coffee cup from a second-hand store that I drink short blacks out of. I like to see if I can guess the calories and nutrients in products on the shelf at the shops. It amazes me what crap is in some foods.


‘Meal Prep Monday’ helped me get in the right frame of mind for the week, and also set me on track for the week to come. I also added fruit to my water and sometimes I even had soda water with fruit in it to trick my body into thinking I was drinking soft drink!

J Phillips

When you don’t have a human friend, sometimes a furry friend to exercise can be the perfect partner!

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