Are You Breaking These 10 Rules of Gym Etiquette?

Gym etiquette – what does this mean and how can we apply this to our own experience at the gym?

With so many different approaches to exercise being carried out under one roof, it’s important to get savvy with the dos and don’ts of how we behave in this environment.

Being smart with how you conduct yourself in a communal area for exercise is everyone’s personal responsibility and contrary to common belief, not all of those that have been at it for years are polite with their consideration for others!

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10 Gym Rules You Might Be Breaking

Here’s a nifty checklist to get up to speed with being an etiquette pro:

1. Put Your Weights Back

Return your weights when you have finished to the rack, or where you found them.

2. Share!

Be mindful of others wanting to share the piece of equipment that you’re using and offer to have them ‘work in’ during your rest break. This also means not placing your towel in another area to ‘save it’ for your next set/exercise.

3.  Use a Sweat Towel

Always! Nobody likes to slide around on a bench in someone else’s perspiration, so please keep things hygienic and use wipes/spray after you’re done if necessary.

4. Don’t Drop Your Weights

Do NOT drop your weights on the ground. Yes, we have all seen this happen and if you can lift them, you can for sure place them down sensibly too.

5. Watch Your Volume

Some people choose to listen to music, others may simply go with the flow of the gym’s general playlist, but nobody needs to hear a conversation LOUDLY whilst on your phone or singing to your new groovy album. This is extremely distracting and people wear headphones for a reason – to not be disturbed.

6. Zoning

There are specific areas for specific movements, so please take a moment to think about where you set up correctly. Nobody needs to perform bicep curls in the squat rack.

7. Be Water Aware

Do you have a 2 litre goblet to fill, a tap that literally trickles out water and a huge queue of people gasping for dear life? Please think about the people that need a mere sip before they shuffle back to their set, instead of holding up the line filling your mammoth container.

8. Personal Hygiene

This would seem like an obvious point to make, yet so overlooked in some cases. Keep your gym clothes fresh and sparkly to prevent those nasty niffs from emanating their offensive notes! General wear it, you wash it!

9. Cardio Calamity

Ok, you’ve arrived at the gym between 6-9am or 4-8pm and the place is jumping. Please observe if there are any time restrictions for the cardio equipment and be respectful of them if so.

10. Locker Room Manners

Save your private grooming for home please. While it’s totally normal to pack your toiletries and get yourself va va voom for your day/evening, having a shower and getting tidy should not involve trimming or flashing in the locker rooms.

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Noticing that someone else is breaking the code or practice in your gym is no reason to let your own standards slip. Remember to be courteous to others, as you never know how terrified they could be feeling without this knowledge.

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