Are you too busy to look after your health?

Time poor – you’ve probably heard this phrase thrown around a lot in the past few years and with good reason, just about everyone IS time poor!

Time poor people are not necessarily financially poor, in fact some of the wealthiest people I know are flat out paying off their million-dollar mortgages, private school fees and expensive cars that they have to keep working around the clock for the next few decades to maintain this time-poor, constantly-tired, weight-gaining lifestyle.


Does that sound like a wealthy person to you?

The truth of the matter is that everyone has 24 hours a day: YOU, me, Barack Obama – leader of the free world, husband and father of two (and he coaches his daughters basketball team).

It comes down to choices and priorities. Do you want a bigger house, a newer car and other shiny stuff OR do you want to live in a place where you are comfortable 24 hours a day, with vibrant health and amazing energy?!

Ideally I’m sure you’d like to have both, but if you’re like most of us you can only afford one of these, and I’d personally choose option two.

It is interesting how quickly someone’s mindset can change when a health scare arises. Recently a friend of mine thought she was experiencing a migraine, however 48 hours later she was diagnosed with having a stroke (she’s 33). For the next six weeks she can’t be left alone, she can’t drive and most definitely can’t work. Her focus is now on her health and not much else.

Although this can happen to anyone it probably won’t happen to most of you, chances are you will survive week after tired week getting heavier, mentally slower and slightly more depressed if you follow the typical ‘More, more, more mentality’.

So before any of you have a health scare, my challenge this week to you is to make healthier choices, in order to do this you’ll have to say a word you may have forgotten – no! Say no to your kids, your partner, your boss, work colleagues, family, extended family, friends and whoever else is taking YOUR time. Of course say no politely or better still why not offer to take them on your walk or help them prepare a healthy meal that you can enjoy together.

The more time you make for yourself the more ENERGY you will have for your obligations and loved ones, by reducing your normal working schedule you can increase the quality of time you spend with yourself and others.

If not now, when?

Do your best to MAKE time, don’t wait until a doctor or paramedic tells you to slow down.

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