How Fit Are You? Here’s Your Real Fitness Score

How do you measure fitness? Is it how fast you run, how you feel each day or if you’re fitter than your friends?

There are numerous definitions of fitness, but one that has always resonated with me is ‘the ability to perform your daily tasks without experiencing undue stress or fatigue.’

What this basically says is that fitness is a feeling and depends completely on your current lifestyle demands. There are a number of ways to measure fitness, and for those people that like to track their progress and measure improvements, we have specifically designed the 12WBT Fitness Score.

Q: What is a Fitness Score?

A: The 12WBT Fitness score is the number out of 100 that takes into consideration your:

  1. Cardiovascular fitness
  2. Upper-body strength
  3. Lower-body strength
  4. Core strength
  5. Flexibility

These assessments give an all-over indication of your total body conditioning.

This is because we know that being fit and healthy is about more than just being good in one of these areas – instead, it’s about excelling in all!

Points will be given depending on how you perform at each test, which will then give you an overall Fitness Score.


12WBT fitness score
Here is how the Fitness Score will appear on


Q: What specific tests are involved in the Fitness Score?

1. Cardiovascular Test

Is measured with either a 3km cycle time, 1km running time trial or for the specific running programs Coopers 12-minute running test.

2. Upper-body strength

Is measured by how many push ups (wall, knees or toes) you can complete without pausing.

3. Lower-body strength

Is measured with a wall sit. How long you can hold a squat against a wall with your knees at 90 degrees and shoulders back against the wall?

4. Core Strength

How long you can hold a plank for without losing form. The plank can be done with your hands elevated, or on the ground from either your knees or the hardest level on the toes.

5. Flexibility

This is measured with the universal stretch test – the Sit and Reach test, which measures both hamstring and lower back flexibility.

Q: When do I do the Fitness Tests?

A: You’ll complete these tests in Pre-Season, and then again on a Wednesday in Week 4, 8 and 12 of the program.

Q: Will my scores vary?

A: Scores will vary depending your gender, your age and your chosen level of intensity. For example, to get a maximum score on the push ups you must complete them on your toes.

Q: What’s the point of doing the Fitness Score?

A: The main objective is to use the score to see what 12WBT program is most suitable for your current fitness level. You will be given the options once you complete your test. Taking the test four times throughout your program makes it easier for you to track your progress, stay motivated and see more results.

Q: Who made up these scores?

A: We’ve structured the scoring based on five years of data collection from 12WBT members.

Q: What do I do with the score?

A: After making a suitable choice of program the next main objective is to try and improve upon it. You can measure your score across several rounds.

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