How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat Once And For All

Belly fat can often be the most stubborn and frustrating area of the body when it comes to the lean physique you’ve been working on. So why is it that shifting that bit of belly fat seems so much harder than the rest of the body? What can we do to maintain a tighter midsection? 

These are the critical points to consider:

Consistency and balance

Being realistic about your goals and making an effort to move steadily and consistently towards that direction is key. Going ‘too hard’ in one area, but missing the mark in others can throw the balance off that helps you to stay on an even keel. 


Attention to reducing processed foods and eating a wide range of healthy REAL food groups should be at the forefront of your preparation. This includes good fats, fibre and not crash dieting.

Calorie deficit

There needs to be a calorie deficit for you to lose body fat. Finding a healthy range that is sustainable is super important. Aiming to go too low can affect how you feel and perform. Plus such extreme restriction is likely to lead to overeating down the track. Find a good number that works for you and give it time. Our nutrition plans, at different calorie levels, have helped hundreds of thousands of Aussies realise that losing weight really is a slow burn. Yummy, quality, portion-controlled food is key.

Portion control

Weigh, measure and track your food until you’re happy you have reached your goal. Then come back for frequent check-ins to make sure that a heavy-handed serving size hasn’t slowly crept back up.

Treat meal or cheat day? 

It goes without saying that a day of indulgence is not ideal and that a treat MEAL per week is plenty.

Alcohol intake

Are you partaking in a little too much ‘drinking’ and are you counting these calories into your overall day?

 It’s easy to lose sight of calorie accumulation with this and something to consider reducing if you are drinking alcohol frequently. Not only can this affect your performance with training, but it can alter your eating habits too.

Exercise intensity

Are you putting in solid workouts that challenge you, or are you going through the motions?

It’s important to up your game as you get fitter/stronger. To reach that next level in lowering your body fat percentage, you need to be honest about how hard you’re working with your training.

 If you’re at a plateau, try something more challenging or increase your frequency/type. Our 12WBT workout plans are designed to challenge you every few weeks, as well as offering you the option of classes, gym, outdoor or home workouts. No day has to be the same! 

Build muscle! 

You may be caught in the trap of endless hours of cardio. Yes, cardio is one aspect of how we burn fat, but having more muscle mass overall elevates your body’s ability to burn more calories throughout the day at rest. Lift weights!

Train your abs! 

You cannot spot reduce belly fat (or any body fat), we know this. But actually working this area has many benefits when it comes to a connection with the visual impact that this can have to keep you motivated.

Sleep and stress

Getting plenty of quality sleep is vital for our bodies to be at their optimum, and this means losing weight too. Managing your stress levels and getting into a regular routine with your sleep and mindfulness practice can help to regulate your hormones and keep everything firing as it should be.

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