How to Make Long Runs Fun

You’re about to embark on an extended run and whether or not you’re experienced in this area, taking the same routine, going the same distance, or wearing the same outfit can make things feel a bit… drab.

Follow These Steps for a Run That’s Fun!

Here are a few ways to jazz up your jog and make this event loads of fun, not only in the doing, but even in the planning!

Program a Playlist

There are lots of options for beats to run to, or together your favourite mix of tracks that work perfectly with the beats per minute that you would like to keep your heart rate at. If your run is a particularly lengthy one, then your music could be something with a steady beat. Planning a somewhat shorter ‘long’ run? You may choose tracks that are a little more punchy.

Change your Location

Changing up the route of your runs can definitely make things more interesting. Find a new path, or even do the same route, but opposite!

Join or Form your Own Running Group

Being part of a group with like-minded people that share the same goals is an excellent way to keep pushing your own boundaries. It’s easy to fall into your comfort zone as you become more familiar with your own capacity for distance covered or time travelled during your sessions. So having your buddies right along side you can provided healthy competitiveness, with support and plenty of giggles along the way!


You don’t need to have reached any particular level of fitness level here to arrange a ‘fun run’. Organising an event to raise funds or awareness for a charity, association or whatever you’re passionate about is such a cool way to spice up hitting the pavement. It can also deliver lots more SUPER to your stride as you know how much of a good thing this is for all involved.

Theme it!

Why not give your run a theme? What you’ll wear, music to listen to, route planned… the list goes on. You could include this as part of a planned group activity or just as well on your own. There are no rules! Make sure you wear sensible and appropriate footwear, but having a little chuckle to yourself with a theme attached to your session is so much fun.

Break It Up Into Mini Milestones

The thought of one huge and laborious stint can seem boring and well, not very enticing to some. Breaking your planned run up (or perhaps not even having a set plan for a totally new experience) can make things interesting.

Splitting your session into blocks with attention to time, distance or using different tracks to listen to are groovy alternatives to the mundane. Again, no rules here, just apply a sensible approach and look after yourself.

Wear Something That Makes You Feel Good

This may sound silly and almost irrelevant to the topic of sweating and performing exercise that often leaves you looking disheveled BUT, how great do you FEEL when you put something on that either looks fantastic, feels amazing on or makes you smile when you see yourself in it? Happy colours and cuts offer visibility to others, and provides good energy to burst into your run with real zest!

Celebrate Your Successes

It doesn’t matter what level you are at during any stage of building up your runs, things are always a challenge. Marking your achievements with something that gets you motivated is an awesome driving force to nail your runs, improve your stats and canter with a huge, wide toothy grin (between thoughts of ‘huff and puff, gosh my legs are like lead weights’), and reach that finish line.

Go for it and have FUN!

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