5 Fun At-Home Workout Ideas That Are Kid Friendly

Ready, set, play! If your looking for some kid friendly workout ideas that will get some more physical activity in with the whole family, here are a few that are fun, creative and will get everyone joining in!

Create an Obstacle Course or Relay!

This is the best way to get everyone involved, even the little ones! Not only does it add a bit more fun to your group workout but you can use any items you find in the house, from laundry baskets, ropes, hula hoops and tinned foods! Just get creative! 

For example, you can start with 30 seconds of skipping (if you don’t have a rope, you can always pretend), then jog 3 laps around the living room, throw in 15 curls with a tin of beans, a minute of crab walking and finish with 30 seconds of wall sitting while you sing your favourite song!   

Jumping Sesh!

Kids love to jump around so why not put a few jumping exercises together and have some fun with it! Start with 10 star jumps, move onto 10 frog or kangaroo jumps and end with a round invisible hopscotch! Turn it into a little game and see who can finish the whole set first!

Exercise Mash Up

Try putting a few exercises together and repeating them as many times as you can. You could even let everyone in the household pick one exercise they like, then join them together for a workout! Some ideas include, squats, the superman, bear crawls, lunges, mountain climbers and duck walks!

Indoor Dance Party

Whether it’s The Wiggles or the Top 40, throw on those tunes and jump around for half an hour! You could even play freeze dance where you boogie until the song stops and have to stay really really still! You can make it harder by instead of freezing, you have to do a plank or a bunch of sit ups!

Play a Game of Traffic

Create some different exercises for each thing on the road. For example, when the person shouts ‘green light’, everyone runs as fast as they can on the spot. ‘Red light’ they have to plank, ‘speed bumps’ can be bunny hops, ‘yellow light’ can be galloping, ‘roundabouts’ can be jumping up and down! Let the kids come up with their own moves for extra engagement!

These kid friendly workout ideas are perfect for incorporating more activity with the whole household. Try them out and let us know what your family likes the best!

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