Who’s Your Perfect Workout Buddy?

For me, sweating through a killer workout with a mate is one of life’s great pleasures. Now, this might make me sound like one of those too-good types whose exercise and nutrition is calculated to the nth degree, but it’s true. I love having a workout buddy!


Maybe it’s the shared experience of exertion that brings you closer. Or perhaps it’s the competitive banter and laughing at the faces you pull during weight training (we all do it!). Behind it all, it’s the way we push, support and celebrate each other.  

Most of the training that I do these days is with a single workout buddy. But it hasn’t always been like that. Back in the wild group fitness days of the ’90s, almost all of my exercise was shared with a large group of people, either as an instructor or on a big run with clubmates. 

A good workout buddy is worth their weight in gold and I’m lucky to have found someone who gives me that extra bit of encouragement and accountability, which is often the difference between exceeding your goals and not reaching them at all. 

But a ‘good workout buddy’ means different things to different people. You know what you want out of your training relationship, but how can you know if it will work between you?

I could bore you with scientific studies on personalities and behaviour matching, or tell you its trial and error. But I won’t do that, because I’ve condensed it allllll down into this fun little quiz below. 

Who’s your perfect workout buddy?


workout buddy

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