Shape up for Summer with the 12WBT

With the swimsuit season fast approaching, I thought I’d share a few exercises from our extensive 12WBT library. These exercises help shrink your waistline AND increase your bust/pecs, and hopefully add a touch of confidence too!

Even though all exercises are beneficial, doing certain ones can change the shape of your body quite significantly. For example there are certain exercises that help strengthen your core muscles, but they can also increase the thickness of your waist! These exercises are highly beneficial for a Rugby player but not the best look for the summer season.

When you have limited time to train, it is imperative that you choose the very best exercises that suit your goals. If it’s a more curvaceous or shapely look you’re after try the following three exercises:

Exercise 1: Staying Young

This exercise works the muscles that help lift your chest up, it also gives the bust/pecs an overall better shape.

                Incline bench press - start position                    Incline bench press - execution

Exercise 2: Tightening the waist

Unlike some core exercises this one helps tighten your side muscles and shrink your waistline, you can do them on your knees or toes. Try aiming for 1 minute each side.

Side plank - toes            Side plank - knees

Exercise 3: Standing tall

This exercise will help pull your shoulder blades down and back into good posture, which will help lift your chest up and flatten out your stomach, it also helps you tone and shape your butt. Trying doing 1 minute of these.

Alternating back extension - start position            Alternating back extension - execution

So there you have three small steps towards a better body this summer. Of course your shape will also improve when you lose any excess weight, so if you’re interested in improving your body shape this summer give the 12 Week Body Transformation a go! You have nothing to lose, except unwanted weight that is and so much to gain!

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9 thoughts on “Shape up for Summer with the 12WBT

  1. dear michelle
    I look at your program every day,at the moment i live only 600 mtrs from the beach and I dont know why but im so not motivated at all please help me.I would love to do your program.
    thank you
    pamela aranguiz

  2. I am 53years of age and have recently been on a diet and have also been going for walks but have not lost any weight or even toned up,it is very depressing at times as id like to have lost at least 3kgs for my nephews wedding at the end of december,i weigh 62.55kg any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Monica,

      You sound like the typical 12WBT member – needing to lose weight quickly through healthy eating and regular exercise. The best move you can make is to sign up to the program at and follow the ‘Beginner ‘ program, you will be slim, happy and dancing by the time the wedding comes around.
      Welcome to the team.
      Fit Tim

  3. i would like to thankyou for these exercises
    i have just had a knee reconstruction @ 8 wks ago and have gained @ 2 dress sizes i was a size 8 now @ size 12 its little depressing ….. i will enjoy doing these exercises i would luv to tone up again ….

    1. Hi Margaret,
      Yes, these exercises should be fine if you have a lower back problem
      as they are not high-impact exercises, however I strongly recommend
      you see an Osteopath or Chiropractor for a full assessment as you do
      not want to take a risk with your back.

      Fit Tim

  4. Hi Michelle – my daughter has lost 15 kg on your program and looks great – I would love to give it a go but I have arthritis on tops of both arches of my feet – I am 62 very active, live on a property with 25 horses to look after and work full time as a school teacher so on my feet all day – I Ammon
    Medication ( pain killers) from specialist for my feet and I just can’t run jump like days of old – I gave up
    My gym mbership last year as I couldn’t do the circuit without lots of pain- every step is painful but I just keep going – could there be any other type of exercises in your plan could do instead of the running and furphies etc – thanks Sue

    1. Hi Sue,

      Congratulations on your daughter’s success!

      In reply to your question, there is a saying in exercise ‘work to the pain, not through the pain’ which means that you should not be experiencing more pain in your feet during exercise than you normally do.

      If you are in pain every time you land hard on your feet and are interested in doing the 12WBT program I recommend you follow the ‘Low-impact’ version of all of the exercises.
      Many of these will be found in the ‘Beginner’ version of the program, so I suggest you start there. Gym machines such as the rower, X-trainer and stationary bike will also take pressure off your joints so this is where ‘Gym Machines’ come in handy.

      Good luck with your training and avoid ANY painful exercises.

      Fit Tim

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