Which Styles of Dance Burn The Most Calories?

If you’ve been watching Dancing With The Stars and been thinking “I’d love to do that,” it’s time to grab your dancing shoes, because dance is one unbelievable form of cardio! It’s been a huuuuge challenge for me but oh so rewarding!!

It’s one of the best forms of cardio. Not only do you get your sweat on, it’s a great way to build physical confidence and have a damn fun time – I bet you won’t even notice the time passing during these workouts.

There are so many different styles of dance to try – so choose one that suits your personality. If you feel like you’ve got two left feet and no coordination, but dream of being on centre stage or strictly ballroom – never fear! Most dance schools offer beginner classes and a lot of gyms offer Body Jam or Zumba classes. Remember, even the world champions had to start somewhere!

Dance Styles and Calories Burned

The amount of calories you burn is dependent on a number of factors including your body weight and how hard you worked out (of course!). But as a guide, these are how many calories you can expect to burn in a 60 minute class of each style.


zumba dance

If you want a workout that feels more like a party than cardio, this one is a banger! Because you are moving your entire body, you’re using a variety of muscles. For a 77kg woman, a 60-minute Zumba sesh will have you burning around 680 calories! Whilst a 58kg woman can expect to burn around 520 calories.

Not bad for an hour long dance party!


ballroom Dance

Well this is a big umbrella! By its widest definition you could describe any partner dancing, but if you define ballroom by the international competitive styles, you’re looking at The Waltz, The Viennese Waltz, The Tango, The Foxtrot and the Quickstep. For an hour class, you’re looking at 150-220 calories for the slower styles, and 250-330 for the more fast paced dancing styles.

Irish Dancing

irish dance

Gaining popularity globally a few years back thanks to shows like Riverdance and Lord of the Dance, this style will have you shredding calories, sculpting your legs and give you one hell of a fun workout! Because of the constant movement, you are likely to burn around 400 calories for 1 hour.


Ballet Dance

Hold up! Have you seen the definition on a ballerinas?! If you’re looking to tone up, get your sweat on and look graceful whilst you do it, ballet may be the style for you. Bear in mind you wont be starring in Swan Lake from day dot, it’ll be more learning the basics, but hey, even Margot Fonteyn had to learn how to plie before she could Grand Jete!

Hip Hop

hip-hop dance

Typically done to upbeat, urban music, Hip Hop dancing incorporates full-body movements, developing muscle strength, stamina, and endurance. As it is an aerobic style of fitness, you can burn around 450 calories for one hour of intense hip hop dancing.

Pole Dancing

pole dance

This popular style of dance is great for flexibility, toning and cardio. Expect to burn around 350 calories from one hour.


Salsa Dance

If hips and glutes are areas you’re keen to tone up, think about signing up to salsa classes. You can burn around 450 calories per hour, and the best part is, next wedding/night club/Supermarket isle, you’ll be able to show off some seriously cool moves.

Belly Dancing

belly dance

Keen to put a bit of umpf back in your step? Belly dancing is an amazing cardio workout that celebrates curves! (Can I get a hallelujah?!). This fun and exotic dance style will have you burning around 300 calories per hour.


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