Yes, You CAN Have Fun Running!

When it comes to running, getting to the starting line can be the hardest part. If you’ve ever wondered about taking it up, it’s common to think, “I don’t know where to start,” or that it’s something only for the already-fit. Not true!

If you’re an absolute newbie to running, learning to run is a great way to get in shape, lose weight AND hit new fitness goals – our Learn To Run programs takes our team from 0 to 5km in just 12 weeks.

Join a Fun Run

Signing up to a fun run or running event gives you an awesome goal to work towards. Get together with friends to train and then cheer each other on come race day. There are events across the country for running of all levels in our 12WBT Running Calendar.

Set Running Goals Like Chelsea

If you think you’re not a runner, take heart – neither did Chelsea! This 12WBTer completed our Half Marathon Training Program, which is no mean feat for a mum of two who couldn’t even run 20 metres a year ago. “12WBT has given me the confidence to set a goal and smash it time and time again!” she says.

Choose A Running Program To Suit You

At 12WBT we have six running programs – from absolute beginner through to marathon. Mish and our running experts have created Exercise and Meal Plans especially for runners, plus Mindset lessons and tips and tricks to get you to your running goals.


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