Now’s the Time: Reset Your Resolutions

It’s hard to believe it’s February already, right?! January flew by in a whirlwind of summer barbies, school holiday fun and if you’re anything like millions of other Aussies, new year’s resolutions!

A study last year at the University of Scranton showed that after one month – that’s by end of January – almost half of people who had set new year’s resolutions hadn’t kept them. We’ve talked before about why so many resolutions don’t work. This isn’t to say goal setting can’t be an awesome, powerful tool to get your goals in clear sight – it totally can be – but it’s likely due to a couple of factors:

They’re usually poorly formed goals.

Properly setting a goal is more than just a vague “I’m going to lose 20 kilos” or “I’m going to start running”. How will you learn to run? Who will train you? What will you eat to lose that 20 kilos? A well-formed goal is clear, detailed and measurable – because how else are you going to track your progress? Doing a program like 12WBT healps you set smart goals to keep you on track, and looking ahead.

They’re often set in the negative.

Many resolutions focus on the negative – “I need to lose weight because I look awful” is far more powerful when refocused to say, “I want to be fit and active to have the energy to keep up with my children”. Getting fitter and healthier, and even shedding weight is positive when you’re doing it for the right reasons!

Reset Your Resolutions

You can make those life resolutions stick. Now’s the time to get serious about those resolutions!

If you’ve set your resolutions or intentions for 2015 and forgotten all about them, or life has got in the way of focusing on them, it’s not too late. Reset your resolutions and sign up to our March Round (starting March 16) and you’ll have made huge strides by halfway through the year. How good would that feel!

It CAN be done, it’s NOT too late and you can change your life in 2015.

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